Special Scoop: 32 Coffee Hill & Resort

 |  October 29, 2012

32 Coffee Hill & Resort

As spectacular as the drive to Pai is, the winding mountain journey could do with a break or two, and 32 Coffee Hill (so named as it sits on kilometre 32 on the road to Pai) is the perfect pit stop. This charming resort, restaurant and coffee shop serves up its own locally grown coffee along with tasty baked goods while offering plenty of photo-ops for the shutter-happy. Vast lush gardens with sweeping views, wending paths serenaded by birdsong, luxurious individual villas, decked out to the nines, nestle amongst the hills, delicious food served in a restaurant offering a treetop vibe and the coffee shop itself which is so popular during the cool season that there are often queues backed up for hundreds of metres along the main road.

You don’t stop off at 32 Coffee Hill because you have to; you stop there because you really want to.

The Resort

Gleaming teak villas with large private balconies offer unique views over mountainous jungle terrain in utter privacy a mere 45 minutes drive from Chiang Mai – intimate and cosy for couples, spacious and loungy for friends and families, or even large, multi-roomed and multi-functional for groups. Each room is fully fitted out: Surround sound, multimedia system with iPod docks, wifi, plush bedding and comfy loungy sofa areas, sexy bathrooms with tubs-a-deux and outdoors rain showers and exquisite interior décor items.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant serves up simple, but excellent Thai and international fare in an open-decked wooden venue in the trees. Sit by the bar and sip a glass of wine or simply gaze into the canopies beyond while indulging in a feast. No spirits are served, so please bring your own if you are staying over. Wine and beer is available.

The Coffee Shop

Freshly brewed coffee grown locally is served up in a chalet-styled wooden structure with cosy nooks and corners for a contemplative read or a relaxing chat with friends.

Feel Adventurous?

Within a short drive of 32 Coffee Hill, you will find yourself at the Pong Deud Hot Springs where you can soak yourself in mineral waters, at Huay Nam Dang National Park, where some of the most spectacular views in Thailand can be seen, and at Mok Fah waterfall for a refreshing dip. Other activities include ambling along the resort’s own 20 minute walking path, bird watching…or better yet, do nothing and simply indulge yourself.

Leave life, and Chiang Mai, behind for a day or two…or three and simply allow yourself to be indulged by the nature surrounding 32 Coffee Hill as well as by resort itself.

Website: www.32coffeehill.com