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 |  May 27, 2009

June, 2009.

“We studied what was needed by looking at what was currently available in Chiang Mai and pioneered our own English Programme” – Mrs. Varee Patravanich, Managing Director.

Choosing a child’s education is always one of parents’ toughest decisions to make. Because education is of such importance in the development of a child as well as being an investment in that child’s future, it is therefore crucial that parents research and study available options in order to arrive at an informed decision concerning what is best for their particular child.

At Varee Chiangmai School, a team of 35 native English speakers and hundreds of Thai teachers and assistants have worked together over the past seven years to create unique and strong learning programmes as well as an environment suitable for a variety of parental and child preferences and requirements.

English Programme:
A Thai curriculum according to the Ministry of Education with all subjects (bar Thai and Thai history) taught in English by qualified and experienced native English speakers. This programme is suitable for Thai as well as international students with a long-term goal of living in Thailand as it is compatible with the ONET and ANET exams which are required for entrance to Thai universities. Unlike some bilingual programmes available, where students are taught the same subject twice, in English and again in Thai, at Varee Chiangmai School the entire Thai syllabus is translated and interpreted into English so that students can communicate fluently in English while enjoying the benefits of a Thai curriculum.

Mini English Programme:
A sophisticated welding of English and Thai teaching of the Thai syllabus, this programme is appropriate for students whose English skills are not yet ready for the full English programme. Core subjects such as maths, science, social studies, health and computer are taught by native English speakers, while more convoluted subjects which require a deeper understanding of the Thai language are taught by Thai teachers. The programme is taught with a 50/50 balance of Thai and English.

Integrated English Programme (I-EP):
Up to 30% of the syllabus is taught in English including maths, science, art and health with the rest of the syllabus taught by Thai teachers in Thai. This popular programme uses the Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) system in multiple classes (between 20-30 students for each stream) divided into levels of English competency, which aims to maximise each child’s personal potential and stream them through attention to personal detail and constant evaluation, into classes which fit each student’s language capabilities.

Varee Chiangmai School, in its seven years, has developed a formidable reputation in Chiang Mai and beyond as a school with unparalleled facilities (a swimming pool, a spacious cafeteria, a fully equipped and safe playground, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a futsal court, interactive whiteboards in all primary classrooms, projectors in every secondary classroom, wireless internet connection throughout the school, air-conditioned classrooms, state of the art comprehensive library, and e-learning centre), qualified native English teachers in a variety of subjects, and comparatively small classes. Thai students can be assured that Thai language standards are comparable to normal Thai schools and this is attested by the 100% matriculation records of its graduating students. Retaining the uniqueness of being Thai – whether it be language skills, etiquette, cultural knowledge and history is of great importance and taught to all students alike.

Support is offered for students who need it by Varee Chiangmai School’s team of Thai teachers who can assist in each class as well as Home Room hours which offers home work and other extra support.

Varee Chiangmai School prides itself on the successful blending of international methods of teaching, which focus on thought and well rounded knowledge, with the high standards of the Thai education system regarding attention to details and focus on science, maths and especially English which uses international assessment standards of the CEF (Common European Framework).

If you are interested in a school with a positive and friendly learning environment staffed by a team of professionals and equipped with the latest teaching facilities then visit Varee Chiangmai School and pick up a copy of their comprehensive magazine which serves as a great introduction to the school, or make an appointment and be taken around the school for a tour.


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