Servicing the City

 |  April 1, 2016

For all your servicing needs, whether it’s a new bed with fancy pillows, a new wardrobe, or you are just in the mood for learning something new, check out these three places great to remember in those times of need.

Galaxy CNX


After many years working for Thailand’s number one sneaker brand, Carnival, Lonk returned to his home town of Chiang Mai and opened up his own space-themed store called Galaxy, selling a range of clothing, shoes, caps and other accessories – all with a modern feel, and some with space themes, obviously. Thailand’s number one graffiti artist, Dea, is also featured in the shop with a mural of Darth Vader depicted as Christ against an interstellar backdrop. Expect to see both Thai and international brands such as Sneaker Villa, Young and Hungry, Fuxury and of course Carnival. Lonk also has some of his own branded items thrown into the mix. Many of his products are of limited stock, as he prefers to provide only highly sought after limited editions to ensure he is the place to go for those looking for that special sneaker or space themed hoodie.

Open 12am – 9pm
De Marche’ Plaza
093 9429282
Facebook: GalaxyCNX

PlayBot Robotics Academy


This robotics academy is certified by the Ministry of Education, with a curriculum that aims to encourage students of all ages to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The courses also help to inspire young learners and bigger kids with what they describe as the concept of “Imagineering”. Courses are available for children as young as four year old up, and adults are also welcome to join the fun. The classrooms are designed with modern learning processes in mind, along with modern robotics and building resources from LEGO Robotics Tools to an NXT Course, WeDo Course and EV3 in deeper comprehension. Fun for all ages and all abilities; expect to invent, explore and learn at PlayBot. They have summer courses going on now and if tourists want to join in courses, which are longer than 112 hours, they even give you education visas!

Open 10am – 5.30pm (Closed Wednesdays)
225/258 Kadfarang Village, Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road
053 442087 / 099 6733519
Facebook: PlayBot Robotics Academy

Golden Latex


Using Thailand’s natural rubber from local trees that is then turned into natural latex foam, Golden Latex is now servicing Chiang Mai with a new range of pillows, bolsters, mattresses and neck supports made from this soft, modern technology, that supports the body while sleeping and aids better blood flow around the body with its ergonomic design. Inspired by a doctor who has experience in latex foam, the owner of Golden Latex, Ya, designed his new brand to ensure proper support while sleeping, especially for those who currently suffer with back or neck pain. Man of the pillows and mattresses are designed with ‘massaging knobs’ to relieve neck muscles and blood vessels during the night and with ventilation holes, you are guaranteed a cool nights sleep too.

Open 9am – 7pm
116/2 Sirimankalajan Road
052 013669 / 090 7469924
Facebook: GoldenLatexShop