A Secret Side to The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

 |  July 5, 2016

Last year, our Deputy Editor was lucky enough to go and experience a one day Pass Programme at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort in October 2015, complete with detoxifying drinks, doctors’ visits, massages and even a colema! Since then, The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort has been developing and spreading its name as the place to go in Chiang Mai for serious detox cleanses — high on a mountain side, surrounded by nature, with cool breezes blowing away those cobwebs, leaving you to irradiate good vibes and wellbeing upon your return into the real world.


However, we know that to some, the idea of a three, five or even 21 day detox course, complete with spirulina drinks and no solid food passing the lips for the duration, does not sound much fun. But fear not! The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort has a few secrets up its sleeve that may be just what you are looking for — secrets that will leave you detoxifying your mind and body without the fear of being hungry or being roped into doing a colema like our poor deputy editor.

Enter Juno Lee, The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort’s newest member, taking the position of deputy resort manager. Hailing from Taiwan, her expert knowledge on such things and wellbeing, detox and resort management put her in prime position to lead the resort forward on a refreshing new path.

“What I want to get across to people is that The Pavana Resort is open to all types of people, from serious detox enthusiasts to casual locals, both Thai and foreign, looking for a refreshing and relaxing getaway. The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort’s philosophy is based on a set of five habits that promote longevity and are the basis on which our courses and treatments are formed and just following some of these is enough to see genuine results.”

The first and arguably most important of these is the concept of cleansing. Detoxifying your body through healthy eating and fasting programmes, the main courses offered at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort range in intensity but all focus around fasting, detoxing and the dreaded colema.

The courses available at the resort are based upon extensive research and professional methodology imported from the United States. However, as we all know, fasting is not for everyone, but Lee insists that is no reason to avoid The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort.

“The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort offers much more than just detox and fasting courses,” said Lee highlighting that a major part of anyone’s stay at the resort is to focus on peacefulness and personal wellbeing through other activities such as yoga, massage, meditation and exercise. “In fact, our spa is great for all types of visitors as it offers a range of packages from specifically designed massages that go hand in hand with our detox courses, to body scrubs designed to awaken the senses and refresh the soul.”

“The best thing about Bamboo Spa is that it accommodates all types of visitors, from long-stay to day visits,” explains Spa Manager
Jessada Pumsampao. “Our signature massage is the Abdominal Release Massage, performed by our highly trained massage therapists.” The massage — unique to The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort — is inspired by Thai, Japanese and Swedish massage traditions and helps with blood circulation and is perfect for those about to do a colema.

“Massage is a very important part of our detox courses,” said Lee. “But there are also a range of other things you can do at the resort that intertwine with The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort’s five habits to longevity philosophy.”

Breathing, exercise and meditation are just a few of these that are highly encouraged at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort. “You don’t need to fast to revitalise your body,” said Lee. “You just need to escape the busy city, check in and dedicate your days to purging yourself of bad feelings, toxins and unhealthy food.”

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort also has a team of trained nutritionists that offer consultations and personally tailored menu plans to both fasting and non-fasting visitors. Radiance Restaurant, located in the heart of the resort, focuses on healthy eating and also utilises the produce grown in the resort’s organic farm. The head chef is trained in healthy cooking and has created a vast menu of raw food options that are believed to help further support the detox programmes provided at the resort.

Lee continued to explain that due to the vast range of options for visitors to the resort, there really is something for everyone. From day visitors to month long regulars, the five habits to longevity are key to a successful and beneficial stay for each and every guest.

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort is in the perfect location, just north of Chiang Mai, fitting in perfectly with that ‘slow-life’ culture of the north. Whatever your reason, be it a detox or just a one day getaway from the impurities of the city, check yourself into The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort and come away feeling fresh, revived, detoxed and invigorated each and every time.

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