Homemade Market for Foodies

 |  January 20, 2017


Homemade Market for Foodies

If you are a foodie, then make sure you don’t miss out on the Homemade Market on Saturdays and Sundays at the Wawee Coffee head offices at the Meechock Junction. Some of the city’s most beloved chefs come to casually share their passion with culinary groupies like us Citylife reader (and writers). With food from across the globe, this is a centre of delicious homemade produce from the talented hands of Chiang Mai’s chefs. Breakfast was begin with food from chef May from Monkey’s Kitchen, chef Chock from Cook with Love, chef Nueng from Bucoliq, chef Nan from Cuisine de Garden and chef Andrew Commins, the newest addition bringing French food from mid-January who still be here at market.

In addition, there are local food from Kad San Ka Yorm like steamed buffalo beef and for those who love indian food, Mama’s Kitchen also do breakfast wrap and Sabai Dee restaurant brings ayam golek, grilled chicken in a Malay style. For a Mexican breakfast, enjoy French folds and chicken fajitas of Culinary Pirates. For the Thai classic, try the rice soup mixed with entrails from Sabaidee restaurant.

If bakeries are more your haunt, then visit the Lanna Patisseries stall or try some freshly baked bread from French Bread Collections, or tuck into a warm croissants from Follies. Lava buns from Pa Pun and hot tea and ginger ale products are served throughout the day by Nam Khing. Sit down and enjoy some swinging jazz music and chat with friends from 7am to noon every Saturday. Festive, fun and super sabai, this homemade market is a great new addition to Chiang Mai’s growing market groove.

This Saturday, May 6th, taste some amazing food from Thai Ita, Nam Khing, Pa Pun & Corn Juice, Dinki, DoFann Cheese, Taladin Market, Dairy Boutique, Eat Me Please, Northern food by Kad Sankhayom, Andrew’s Kitchen, Gluten, Alpina Fine Food, CMU fried chicken, Pate’ de P’Ta & Studio bake by Margo, Nico, Cook with Love, B-Garlic. Experience new flavours such as sweet fresh organic vegetables by Tanantuan, grass jelly with milk by Tik, shirt by Jitra, Go2askanne, Nam Ngiew Chiang Rai, Scone, La La La Food&Sweets, Moo Moo Kimchi, Phetchaburi Thai cuisine by Hongtae, Tsubaki, Maru Fuji O Farm & Confi Thai Homemade Jam, Sada and Uttaradit Fruit Orchard Owner Community Enterprise.

And on Sunday, May 7th, don’t miss out on Thai Ita, Northern food by Kad Sankhayom, Gluten, CMU fried chicken, Pate’ de P’Ta & Studio bake by Margo, Nico, Cook with Love, organic vegetables by Tanantuan, Thai desserts, shirt by Jitra, Go2askanne, Dunk, Maru Fuji O Farm & Confi Thai Homemade Jam, hill tribe shirt and bag, Will, Tsubaki, Moo Moo Kimchi, Nam Ngiew Chiang Rai, Scone, Uttaradit Fruit Orchard Owner Community Enterprise, La La La Food&Sweets, Nature crafts with love and Pa Pun & Corn Juice.

Fresh organic produces from Taladin Market

First harvest of Japanese Organic Corn from Maru Fuji O Farm. This is the first generation corn from a farm in San Kamphaeng. All seeds were imported from Japan and their milk is 100% of cow milk.

Braised salmon head with soy sauce from Tsubaki comes in a set with rice and is only available at Homemade Market. The Chinese believe that fish heads help enrich the brain.

Organic lemon dressing from Taladin Market, an organic vegetable shop. The dressing uses only organic produces. A must try!

Alphina Fine Food proundly presents this week’s special “freshly baked Laugen bread”, a local German bread.

La La Pang will sell their new creation at the Homemade Market this week, which they call Breakfast Bread. Basically bread with added egg, ham, cheese, tomato sauce dried oregano.

******New Shop******
Baan Yang People in Fang is reputable for their noodle making skills. You all may know Baan Yang Khao Soi, but this time the noodle master of Baan Yang has created an extensive range of new healthy products such as Konjac dragon fruit noodles, Konjak black sesame noodles and much more!

******New Shop******
Tai fermented bean chili paste from Bon Doi Shop goes very well with freshly cooked rice and fresh vegetable.

******New Shop******
Uttaradit fruit orchard and community enterprise owner is showcasing some juicy and tasty pineapples called Huay Mun. If you get a chance to eat one, you will never find a better pineapple!

******New Shop******
Famous Nam Ngiew Chiang Rai is now open both days, so for all of you northern noodle lovers don’t miss out.

Delicate thao sweet from Eat Me Please Shop. Only this week they are also serving chormuang (violet flower stuffed with seasoned miced pork), ma hor, a central Thai summer munchies.

Homemade Market

Wawee Coffee head office at Ruamchok Meechai Intersection, the road behind Tesco Lotus, 100 metres for diving and the market is on right hand.

Homemade Market new opening hours
Saturdays open 7 – 11am
Sundays open 8am – 12pm
Tel. 081 673 3784 Facebook: homemademarketcnx