Rustic and Fresh

 |  November 1, 2016

If you are anything like our Thai CityNews editor, you’ll love these three places in town which are rustic, delicious and make the perfect Instagram post with #nofitler needed.


Hoppipolla is such a huge hit you need to book a few days in advance. Decorated with white Swedish loft style décor, the indoor is refreshing and clean while the outdoor is natural and breezy. Known for the giant plantes piled high with wholesome gooness, the chef useds seasonal fruits and veggies and slowly cooks all of his meats to perfection – make sure you try the spare ribs – a whopping 1kg of ribs on a plate surrounded by freshly cooked yams, vegetables and fruits. If ribs aren’t your thing, then why not try the beef steak burger mixed with spices served in a steamed bun and topped with a special sauce, the pork chop with cream cheese sauce or even the Korean chicken! This restaurant is a labour of love by its owners and we are lovin’ it.

Hangdong-Samoeng Road, Hang Dong District (drive 2 kilometres before reaching the Khong Luang Strawberry Farm, and it’s on the right)
Open 5.30pm – 10pm (closed Mondays)
090 550 0045
Facebook: hoppipollachiangmai


Nom Nakhon
Milk bars are back! The biggest hit in Chiang Mai in the late ‘nineties – soon overrun by cafes – this cute milk bar is known for its sweet and savoury options – often combined by customers to refill both the blood salt and sugar levels. Popular toasts include the honey toast and cheese bread. This month if you like their Facebook page and share a picture of your order with a cool caption you will get a serving of spicy shredded pork bread for free. Wash the toast down with a selection of delicious drinks, mostly milk, all of which have been sourced fresh from cows the very same day. Nom Nakhon’s slogan is ‘not just normal milk’, so there you go.

Open 9am – 8.30pm (closed Sundays)
Behind the Thep Mongkhon Market, Chang Khian Road
082 384 8660
Facebook: นมณคร


Forest Bake
Recipes passed down from her great grandfather are lovingly honoured at Forest Bake, where quality baked goods are served inside a small, charmingly decorated hut in the garden of the popular Hinlay Curry restaurant. Grab yourself a fresh loaf of bread for your lunch, a cheeky double chocolate brownie for an afternoon snack, or pick up a ham and cheese toasted rolls on the way home. Each day the menu chops and changes – with everything freshly baked each morning – but the popular whole wheat bread, sesame bread and Canelé make regular appearances. You can even order a few days in advance so you can be sure to get enough bread for your dinner party or enough brownies for everyone at the Citylife office – we are only just down the road after all!

Open 11.30am – 5pm (Close Mondays and Tuesdays)
8/1 Nawatgate Road Soi 1
053 242 621
Facebook: forestbake