Right to your Doorstep

 |  February 1, 2016

As we all know, sometimes even in this beautiful city, it’s hard to face the day, so why not order in? Do away with the usual fast food rubbish and tuck into some fresh homemade locally made grub.

Indian Delivery
Indian Gourmet Kitchen

For we Brits who miss those classic Indian takeaway nights at home in front of a warm fire, it can be hard to find anything that suffices. Until Now. Enter the Indian Gourmet Kitchen, a Chiang Mai based online Indian delivery service, with incredibly cheap curries that have that classic British feel. After many years working in the Indian takeaway industry in the UK, Chef Manish and family have now relocated to Chiang Mai to create restaurant quality Indian dishes and deliver them straight to your home. All their food is made fresh, but then frozen and delivered, so you can stock your freezer with great grub for weeks to come. All you need to do is reheat in the microwave and voila! At just 89 baht for a curry, 50 baht for a side and three onion bhajis at 25 baht – the IGK is a real steal.

Order between 9am – 4pm
089 7010681
090 3318429

Riree’s Sandwich

It doesn’t get cheaper or more convenient than this. Riree delivers six types of sandwiches with thirteen fillings such as club sandwich, tuna, pork, fried chicken, fried fish, cheese and more, all prettily packaged for the working lunch. These are no-frills wholesome sandwiches which are generously portioned for their prices, which are, frankly, ridiculously cheap! Prices range between 35-40 baht per sandwich and there is no delivery fee if you order more than five at a time. Give it a go support a local initiative and make your boss happy by lunching while you work!

088 2692237
Facebook: rireesandwich
Line: riree2558

stevy yoghurt
Sparrow Yoghurt

Step away from the bacon! There is no excuse now not to have healthy breakfasts to get you going for the day. Simply contact Sparrow Yoghurt’s line of Stevy Yoghurts which provides healthy yoghurts all without sugar and preservatives. Using stevia extracts, these uber healthy yoghurts come in natural and orange flavours as and more which are currently under development. At only 20 baht each, they will deliver straight to your home. If you order more than five yoghurts there’s a small ten baht delivery fee and, they will deliver to anywhere in the city. Better yet, name Citylife or Spoon & Fork and they will waive the 10 baht delivery fee. They also sell one kilo buckets in natural flavour only which is under a promotion right now from 160 to 140 baht. All promotions are valid until 10th of March.

084 6166073
Facebook: sparrowyoghurt
Line: sparrow_2014