The Rider’s Club Experience

 |  December 1, 2017

Lovers of bikes will know that while the thrill of the sport is in the riding of the bike itself, the moment of purchase of a new bike comes pretty close!

There is a sense of excitement when you walk into a motorbike showroom with the intention to buy — the smell of rubber, the glaring lights reflecting off the glistening shiny and new paint, and the thrill of choice…all of these elements combine to make for a sensory overload. A welcoming personal guide comes up and offers you water or coffee and then takes you through the process of deciding on your next great buy.

At the Yamaha Rider’s Club, a team of highly dedicated staff is just waiting to be part of your decision making process, ready to answer your questions, give you an in-depth tour of each and every part on that perfect bike, and spent as much time as you need over a cup of coffee. The staff will be able to answer all of your questions as they have been highly and thoroughly trained to help you find your perfect match.

For those who have decided on what bike to get before walking in the door, the process is as easy as ABC. At the Yamaha Rider’s Club, if you pay in cash or through a payment plan and the bike you desire is in stock, then you can drive it out of the showroom the same day. With every purchase comes a personal checkup service before you ride away to ensure that each and every part is working perfectly. For those still undecided, fear not. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about all bikes and they do not push a hard sale, but rather give you the space and the time to decide for yourself. When you are ready to make that purchase…then they will spring into action to facilitate your process.

Yamaha Rider’s Club also understands the challenges in preparing documents, and they promise to take care of all forms and documentations for you. All you need is a form of ID and they will sort out the registration, taxation and other documents involved when buying a new motorbike. Ride out of the showroom and return at your convenience to pick up the completed documentation.

Yamaha Rider’s Club aims to make the entire process not just easy, but pleasurable, so that all you have to do is decide which bike to buy…will you go classic with a SR400 or go big and powerful with a top of the range TMAX 900? Decisions, decisions!

Yamaha Rider’s Club
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