Psign by Chef Puri

 |  August 1, 2019

An ambitious young chef who had his first experience in front of the stove when he was a remarkably young 5 years old, Chef Puri has been on a non-stop culinary journey back and forth between Thailand and the US for much of his life. Now he is settling in Chiang Mai introducing his flavours to us through his mastery of seasoning.

Psign is a multi-purpose seasoning composed of Thai ingredients including pepper, garlic and salt which Chef Puri has spent nearly a year perfecting. We tried keeping a jar in our kitchen over the past few weeks and ended up using it with just about everything. You can marinate steaks with it as it brings all the flavours of the steak out, enhancing it in the process, or simply sprinkle it onto some rice and an omelette or stir fried veggies for extra flavour. Forget salt and pepper, just have some Psign on hand at home and flavours will be a sure thing.

Psign Seasoning is available at Facebook: psignbrand for 75 baht.