Play Time Over

 |  August 6, 2019

When time passes, people change, societies change, minds change, but memories don’t.

On 2nd August, the exhibition ‘Play Time Over’, organised by sophomore Master’s Degree students majoring in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, was held in Baan Tuek Art Center. The exhibition displays a variety of artworks such as paintings, sculptures, mixed media arts, photos and videos.

In the exhibition, the artworks present the challenges and changes in life and environment in a rapidly changing society through periods of time. For example, a photograph named “Body Market” by Arleeya Nilnak represents the stress from her surrounding people who said that ‘If I could sell my kidneys, I would.’ Arleeya said that “I would like to present artwork by reflecting society about the ‘value of money’ which is greatly important in driving everything nowadays”. Another interesting piece is mixed media and named “Pressured” by Sutasinee Kansomdee, representing disclosure of problems in a patriarchal society with successions of beliefs.

Also, the artworks reflect the abandonment of innocence, age and the learning of various life lessons. For example, an acrylic on canvas piece named “The Baby with the Music Box” by Prommapat Chordsiradarnant represents the happy moment in childhood. He stated that, “Childhood is the happiest age, and the age of growing, learning anything that bound us during night time. A music box is a combination of happiness and tenderness that play together at the same time.” Thanawan Permrith created a wooden sculpture artwork named “Paper Plane” whose inspiration comes from the first toy made by his father, so he can feel his father stay with him all of the time.

The exhibition will be held until August 18 at Baan Tuek Art Centre.

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