Petting Cafés

 |  January 31, 2018

Last year ailurophiles had a ball visiting all the new cat cafes which popped up for cat-petters across the city. This month we explore a few other odd cafes where you can go to pet…well, read on.

Aries Chiang Mai

The adorable sheep in this farmyard café are the stars of this cute, animal loving destination. If you love sheep, (or are Welsh or a Kiwi feeling homesick), you can now enjoy a coffee while petting, feeding, playing and of course taking photos with sheep! The café also serves more substantial food dishes such as burgers, chicken rice and Thai classics like tom yum soup while the sheep stick to a healthy portion of hay. They have imported craft beers for the adults and a generous selection of ice creams for the young’uns too.

Open 7:30am – 6pm (café) / 7:30am – 3pm (restaurant)
Turn right at Big C Hang Dong and it’s about 1km down the road.
Facebook: Aries Chiang Mai
081 025 9595

Box Box Dog Café

Cats or Dogs? If it’s dogs, then here is a new pooch-friendly café for you. Play with some pups and sip on a strong cuppa coffee. Box Box Dog Café has a number of playful, furry friends to keep you entertained over a coffee and a brownie. There is no time limit or fee to play with the pups, but they do expect you to order some drinks or snacks at the very least — a fair trade for those who can’t look after a dog at home. Take them for a run outside, or just sit and cuddle in the café. Hygiene comes first, so make sure to wash your hands with alcohol gel (provided) before you get cuddling.

Open 9:30am – 6:30pm
Branch 1: Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road, Near Nonnapa Village
Branch 2: 200 metres on your left heading from Rin Kham Intersection
Facebook: Box Box Dog Cafe คาเฟ่น้องหมา เชียงใหม่
087 717 t8779

Harinezumi Café

From cats to rabbits, dogs to sheep, Chiang Mai is packed with animal cafés, all with their own species to pet, but never before has Thailand seen a Hedgehog Café. That’s right, a café full of prickly little hogs that you can pet, feed and play with over a cup of locally sourced coffee. To play with hedgehogs, all you need to do is buy a coffee and waffle set and you can get stuck right in. Each hedgehog has a name and the experienced staff pair you with a critter that works with you, be it a large softball sized one or a baby golf ball red eyed albino. The café also has guinea pigs, if you prefer something…softer. The star of the show however, is their hot green tea, the recipe straight from Japan just like the name of the café, which means hedgehog in Japanese.

Open 9am – 9pm
48/1 Sridornchai Road, Chang Klan
Facebook: Harinezumi Café เม่นคาเฟ่
084 174 4898