Pain Management with Absolute Health

 |  January 1, 2018

Pain is tricky as it has a vital function of warning us of underlying health issue, yet in itself it can be unbearable. Pain varies from physical aches on body parts like heads, necks, shoulders, arms, knees, legs and so on, and other times it is hard to pinpoint exactly where the pain is emanating from. The causes of the pain are numerous, they can be caused by the degeneration of body parts, neuro problems or psychological problems. That’s why the treatment for pain can be extremely challenging.

Laser therapy is one of the solutions used to treat a broad range of medical conditions including pain relief, acceleration of healing and decrease in inflammation. The benefits can range from eradicating the pain completely, include being highly effective in solving underlying problems as well as being non-toxic as there is no drug interaction.

Absolute Health is fully equipped with both medical staff and tools with cutting edge technology that will help remedy patient’s pain effectively. Services on pain management cover physical pain from degenerative body parts, migraine, face pain, the ache of shoulders, neck, ankles, elbows, knees, hands, herniated nucleus pulposus, numbness, paralysis, and spinal pain.

Available therapies:

1. High intensity laser therapy
The effect from this therapy is to cease the pain immediately which works for minor physical pain on specific spots such as ankles, knees and elbows. This therapy is also used to treat numbness on hands and feet.

2. Shock Wave Therapy
This is very effective for chronic pains such as pain from inflammations on the shoulders, back, knees and neck.

3. Magnetic Stimulation
A remedy for pain caused by the nervous system and other relative causes including those that cause numbness and herniated nucleus pulposus.

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