Out on the Town with Pimmy & Praewa

 |  October 31, 2013

Meet Pimmy, 21, and Praewa, 22, students of education at Rajabhat University. They both work part time at Sangdee Gallery and sell cosmetics online. Since Citylife’s editor is getting a bit long in the tooth, we have decided to invite these two girls-about-town to be your monthly guide into what’s cool, hot, new, hip, trending and going viral in our fair city. 

Between the two of them, they have nearly 6,000 friends on Facebook, thank to their outgoing nature and constant status updates, photos and check-ins. Praewa likes showing off her flesh and dressing in trend, as well as going to the shooting range and driving fast cars.Pimmy dresses more like a tomboy, but oddly enough loves Thai dancing, painting and writing poetry. 

Outgoing, outrageous and out and about, these two lovely girls will be keeping us all informed on what’s what with the younger crowd. 

If you want to meet them in person, come to Citylife’s Garden Fair at JJ Market on November 9th, where these two ladies will be manning Citylife’s booth. 

So, what’s trending this month?

i like ice cream

Open Daily 11 a.m.-10 p.m. 

81/4 Moo 14 Suthep Road

Tel. 053328238, 0864317211


Pimmy: The shop is so cute and colourful and cheap at 19 baht per scoop! Such different and weird fun flavours; cheese, rum, lychee, sweet honey, green tea and bubble gum. All homemade. And the staff are hot!

Mamia Coffee

Open Daily 7.30 a.m.-7.30 p.m.

64 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, Wat Gate

Tel. 081 111 4668


Praewa: A Lanna-sounding coffee shop with a great location on the banks of the Ping, looking at Wat Chai Mongkol on the opposite bank. Sit in bamboo shacks and eat fried rice with hung-le, their signature dish. They have booze too, great for a sundowner!

Hut Mama Pakraboed (Exploding Mouth)

Open Mondays-Sundays 5.30 p.m.-1 a.m.

20 Rachdamnoen Road, Chang Phuak

Tel. 0856269127, 0856231237


Pimmy: We love how they score the heat levels of their Mama instant noodles cooked with dried squid and various processed meats, starting at kindergarten through primary and high school until entering the workforce (so hot you will be crying for days). Crawl out of a pub and get sober in a bite! No conversation possible…bring tissues.

Oxide Pub

Open daily 6 p.m.-midnight

18 Sodsueksa Road, Chang Phuak

Tel. 081 961 2900

Praewa: Staff dress up in unique Cosplay, changing every day: nurses, maids, modern Thai, bunnies and other saucy wench outfits. All the men go there, and that is why we do, too! Apart from the outfits, it is a typical pub and restaurant. There are many students…and dirty old men. 

Tea Leaf Elephant

48 Moo 12 Knong Bua Village, T. Choeng Doi, A. Doi Saket

Tel. 081 021 4376

Pimmy: People from my village in Sanpatong make these, they are cute, pretty, pink and smell of yummy tea, great to put in closets or in cars.