Oodles of Noodles

 |  April 2, 2015

Oodles of Noodles

We all love a bowl of hot, fragrant and sometimes spicy Thai noodles, so here are three noodle shops that are worth the visit – be it to cure a morning hangover, or fill that empty working belly.

Million Words of Happiness

This new and homely noodle restaurant offers not only great noodles but also an exciting menu for all tastes. Located next to China Chic Hotel in Jet Yot, the store boasts traditional wooden style d?cor and tasteful jazz music setting a unique scene perfect for fulfilling your afternoon noodle craving. Massive bowls of noodles for a bargain 40 baht and choices of clear soup, tom yum soup or naam dok soup are available as well as other dishes such as tonkatsu curry, green curry with roti and cold seaweed salad. With a vast array of coffees, teas, herbal drinks and smoothies, it’s a great for a quick coffee too. The mango and kiwi shake is a must try.

11am – 9pm closed Mondays

105 Photaran Road Soi 1, Jet Yot


Tel. 091 8588330

Yont Noodle Boat Soup

Just off the superhighway, next to the astro-turf foosball pitches, is a noodle shop selling the classic small bowled “boat noodles” that can fill any hungry soul. With an unlimited option of styles to choose from, you can enjoy one bowl of fat noodles and beef then follow it up with a small glass noodle pork selection. With added delights such as pork satay and crackling to drop into your soups, this is the true boat noodle destination. There is even a leader board on who can eat the most bowls in one sitting – the current champion leading with 31 bowls, who’s up for a challenge?

Open Daily

On the left of the superhighway before the first underpass next to the astro-turf pitches.

Tel. 089 8018130


GorCorKor Kway Tiew Khong Krai

A bit of a mouthful to pronounce if it is not your native language, but certainly worth the visit. With freshly picked hydroponic vegetables grown on the premises mixed with large generous bowls of noodles GCKKTKK is a sure filler. With all sorts of tasty morsels to add to your soup, the options are almost endless and with other dishes including kao soy, fried rice in a pineapple and shrimp sticks, there is something for both rice and noodle lovers. From Ruam Chok Market drive towards Mae Jo University towards the third Ring Road, turn right for two kilometres and you will see a small plane and boat on display to mark the entrance.

Open Daily 9am – 6pm

Third Ring Road, Nong Chom area

Tel. 081 8817483, 086 4288164


Killer Kitchens

Chiang Mai is full of great kitchens producing some of the most interesting and delicious food known to Thailand, and here are three we think should get special recognition.

Diff Coffee by Doi Chaang

Surrounded by a nice neighbourhood and designed in a vintage style, Diff Home Bakery & Kitchen is a perfect place for coffee fanatics to escape from the busy downtown and enjoy scrumptious food and drinks, uniquely crafted by a lovely couple Mei and Dirk. You can try Doi Chang coffee as well as the recommended blush soda pop, a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours. To experience a genuine taste of local fruits, the oreo banoffee and orange vanilla cakes are both delightful. Grilled ham and cheese with honey mustard balsamic vinaigrette is a great fast lunch for those on the go.

Open Daily, 8 am – 5 pm

17 Rat Uthit Road

Tel. 089 8503845 / 097 9562984


Jane’s Kitchen

Jane’s Kitchen is a just few months old now but already is full of customers, good food and smiling faces. With a collection of fascinating homemade, natural foods, there is something for everyone. Recent additions to the menu include a guava, cashew and feta cheese salad, and hand wrapped homemade quinoa granola bars. Burgers, pasta and some tarts also grace their mouth-watering menu.  They also showcase their own hand dyed fabrics and fashion items brand, Kanjana Handmade. Food and fabrics made by sisters, as well as dad’s special fries makes this an adorable family business. Located in the old city, so near to everywhere.

Open Daily 10am – 6pm

22/1 Sarmlarn Road

Tel. 089 8100585


Huern Nam Yod

This exquisite Lanna style restaurant just off the outer ring road offers top range, home style, freshly cooked Lanna and northern food for you to enjoy. Bookings should be made on the phone beforehand so the chef has enough time to prepare your food from scratch. The signature dish is the hung-le kake – hung-le curry made with the front legs of the pig, a delicious twist on one of the core Lanna dishes of the North. With other appetisers such as pumpkin and banana flower tempura and colourful rice that changes depending on the days, they also offer homestay programmes and traditional Lanna wedding ceremonies.

Open Daily 11am – 9pm

Baan Rong O Soi 11 – just off the outer ring road

Tel. 081 884 4565


Everybody’s Businesses

A few businesses that could help you develop your life and mind, build a house and learn some maths grab great grub, then forget it all at the weekend at an awesome new bar.

Singapore Maths

For all your children’s maths needs, Singapore maths is certainly the place to send them for that little bit of extra tuition in Chiang Mai. Part of the Seriously Addictive Maths international company, Singapore Maths offers a range of maths classes at all levels from kindergarten to pratom 6. Free placement tests are available so you can be assured your child is learning at the right level, and classes are taught in English or bi-lingual for Thai students. 1500 baht gets you four classes over a month and a free t-shirt, and just 2000 baht gets you 8 classes a month a free t-shirt and a free backpack! Classes are also flexible and can be arrange to suit you and your child’s busy schedules.

Open Daily 4pm – 7pm Weekends 10am – 7pm

Block D4-7 near Volcano Cafe in Nim City Daily near the Airport Plaza

Tel. 095 4464171


Sterling Construction

When you are looking to design and build a luxury property in Thailand, employing the services of established construction professionals is essential. Sterling Construction has an established tradition of designing and constructing luxury high end properties throughout Thailand. Whether you already have your own plans, or are starting your project from scratch, Sterling will meet and exceed all of your construction expectations every step of the way. Sterling has an experienced in-house design team, for both the interior and exterior of each property, as well as over seven prestigious projects in Chiang Mai under their belt.

Tel. 0852 339630



Girasole is a city-favourite for lovers of Italian cuisine. The home cooked pastas, cheeses, sauces, breads and ice-creams are all delicious and use the best of Royal Project’s bounties along with premium imported products. The menu focuses on organic foods such as saltimbocca alla Romana thin sliced pork grilled with parma ham and wine, fettuccini al pesto, scallops and shrimps in salmon mouse and more. Girasole also serves up hearty and healthy breakfasts including homemade yoghurts, muesli, crepes and croissants – all at very affordable and sensible prices.

Open daily, Mondays to Saturdays 7.30am-11pm, Sundays 11am-11pm

Next to the Klang Vieng Market on Ratchadamnoen Road

Tel. 053 276388


48 Garage

This newly opened converted VW bar is the newest addition to the Zoe in Yellow complex, sitting on the corner of the block next to the traffic lights. With a quirky design including handmade wooden stools and tables, futuristic lanterns and a VW camper converted into a bar, it’s a great place to start (and end) your night. With acoustic music being played from 7pm – 9pm, a rainbow style selection of drinks and extensive food menu (try the carbonara – it’s not on the menu but it is delicious), the 48 Garage sounds like they have a recipe for success.

Open Daily 5pm – 1am

Zoe in Yellow bar complex, Ratvithi Road

Tel. 0812354433