One Dish, One Love

 |  March 1, 2016

Here in Thailand, many restaurants serve or are known for only one dish, relying on one single recipe to pull in the crowds. Here are three we’ve found this month.

Kings of Larb

Kings of Larb2

Laab is a staple meal for many in Thailand. The delicious herbs and spices cooked in with mince making it a perfect snack as well as meal. If you don’t have your go-to laab joint yet, why not try out the new Kings of Larb? Expect to see authentic northern and north-eastern laab dishes from the classic pork laab, to more acquired flavours such as the bitter ‘sa’ meat salad, with options of raw or cooked meats (blood is optional). Pair it up with a hot and spicy pork soup or northern styled spicy chicken soup and enjoy it all with sticky rice and perhaps some chili pastes and pork cracklings. Found right in the heart of Nimman, Kings of Larb is convenient, delicious and (if you want) spicy.

Open 11am – 10pm
Between Sois 5 and 7 on the middle soi which runs parallel to Nimmanhaemin Road
Facebook: Kings of Larb
088 2512966

Jumbo Squid

Jombo Squid2

Only recently opened, Jumbo Squid brings the tastes discovered in Taiwan to Chiang Mai, with a unique squid serving; deep fried and covered in homemade barbeque flavours. As the name suggests, the only squid they serves is Jumbo, with only two sizes to choose from XL and XXL. The owners also own a very successful seafood business, which means their squid is also guaranteed fresh and succulent. The squid itself is also marinated before it is deep fried to make sure it is soft and tasty throughout. The crispy coating and the flavours added after frying are all different to create a delicious combo of salty, seafood-y, barbeque-y deliciousness with every bite. With only one thing on the menu, you know they are bound to get it right. There are usually a few people waiting for their squids so you will most likely be served up a freshly fried one too!

Open 11am – 6pm (Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays)
63/10 Rat Uthit Road, Wat Gate
Facebook: JumboSquid
093 2639990

Cereal Cafe

With notable influences from the ever growing trend of cereal cafes in the United Kingdom, comes Chiang Mai’s first cereal cafe, cunningly named Cereal Cafe. Although smaller than those in the west, Cereal Caf? not only serves up a large amount of cereals, but offers an incredible range of homemade flavoured milk. The caf? has over twenty different milks to pick, with more normal tastes of butterscotch and forest berry to crazy inventions like cola flavoured milk or their best seller, black milk — the owner’s secret recipe (It’s a bit like butter beer). Each milk can be paired with as many types of cereal you want, ranging from the classic Thai favourites like Coco Crunch to international boxes of Fruit Loops and much more. There are also over twenty recommended menus too for those who can’t quite decide. Try their signature oversized bowl of ‘After Choc’ that has three scoops of chocolate ice cream and all the types of chocolate cereals served up with a bottle of coca milk — so much more indulgent than your morning breakfast equivalent.

Open Midday – 10pm
65/25 Moo 14 Soi Wat Umong, Suthep (in the soi next to the last 7-11 before reaching Wat Umong)
Facebook: nomelandcnx
082 1808159