A Non-Invasive Treatment for Chronic Pain

 |  August 1, 2018

Chronic pain is debilitating. Its very definition implies intense and prolonged suffering.

Whereas acute pain can be felt by anyone at any age and is the body’s natural alert system to warn of possible injury, chronic pain persists and is in itself the disease, not merely the symptom.

As the body ages, pain becomes a natural by-product of wear and tear. Joints, muscles bones and ligaments, used strenuously over the decades, begin to weaken, leading to side effects such a pain. Once chronic pain begins, it is very hard to cure. Many doctors will recommend invasive surgery to solve the problem, though here at Absolute Clinic, we believe in a more holistic treatment, finding a solution that is less drastic as a first choice.

Initial treatments commonly include taking painkillers, radiation or physical therapy and while some patients will respond well to such treatments, others do not.

70-80% of all chronic pain is found to be caused by problems with the joints, specifically in the areas surrounding worn ligaments. Ligaments are attached to the bone and this area is extremely sensitive as it contains numerous nerve endings.

An innovative new form of treatment, called Prolo Therapy, is an injection-based treatment for ligament and tendon reconstruction and regenerative joint injection which addresses chronic musculoskeletal conditions. This type of treatment can analyse and precisely diagnose exact causes of chronic pain in the joint areas, while stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to create new tissue in the weakened area. Skilfully directed injections filled with natural substances to the injury site, trick the body into repairing itself.

This type of treatment requires exacting skills by a specialised physician and here at Absolute Health our physicians have been trained at University of Wisconsin – Madison in this specialised field, combined with numerous years of practice, the clinic is ready and able to apply this treatment to our patients.

Prolo Therapy requires around 4-8 treatments, each separated by around three weeks. Most patients feel their chronic pain reduced after around four treatments and some say that their pain disappears completely.

Because Prolo Therapy fools the body into healing itself, there may be an increase in pain after the third day, though this pain will naturally lesson by the end of the first week, reducing as the treatment continues. This is because the fluids will inflame the injected areas, causing pain, during the first treatment, but once the cells are regenerating and self-healing, the healing process will continue naturally and the pain lessen accordingly.

Results of patients using Prolo Therapy have shown that up to 80% of patients will no longer require pain medication or invasive surgery. Patients suffering from tennis elbow, golf elbow, knee osteoarthritis, spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, neck aches, spinal pain, ankle pain, chronic Achilles tendon tear, frozen shoulder, shoulder osteoarthritis, chronic wrist pain, tendinitis or any pains in the joints would be prime candidates for this treatment.

Currently, many patients inject steroids to lessen pain in these problem areas. However, steroids offer temporary relief and can actually contribute to the wearing down of the problem areas, causing longer-term pain.

Prolo Therapy is therefore a safe choice with lasting effects.

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