Non Invasive Pain Relief with Absolute Health

 |  October 1, 2018

“In the past, chronic pain normally occured in exclusive groups – athletes, those injured through accidents, the aged – but currently everyone is at risk of having pain,” said Dr. Chatchai Sribundit, who specialises in integrative medicine and anti-aging medication. “Due to lifestyle changes – with everyone’s chins down looking at their smartphone all the time, or toiling hunched back at the computer – literally anybody is at risk of office syndrome, regardless of gender or age.” It is believed that up to 50% of people in any office workplace suffer from office syndrome.

“Many people in their 30s are finding themselves with herniated disks and cervical Spondylosis.” said Dr. Chatchai while underscoring that bone degeneration is now occurring in the earlier years of life. “Joints at the knees, ankles, or even hips, regardless of size, can suffer chronic pain.”

“Anti-inflammatory drugs are normally a preliminary treatment but there are many issues involving these drugs. The side effect of these drugs could damage the kidneys and heart, which could lead to a heart attack,” said Dr. Chatchai. The side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs rang from minor (such as dizziness, nausea, diarrhea) to severe (including liver and kidney problems, high blood pressure, etc.).

“If the drug simulates the recovery of the cell and helps stop the pain, that’s good, but it is not always the case,” said Dr. Chatchai as he pointed out that many patients must continually depend on the drug to relieve pain. “When the drug doesn’t work, usually the hospital will suggest surgery. The options that the patient have are quite limited. But the issue is that surgery might be a short-term solution. The benefits of knee and hip surgeries only last 10 years. It’s not a lifelong solution for pain management.”

Determining the cause of the pain can be a challenge, as the possibilities are numerous. “It might not be the degeneration of the bone that causes the pain, but the tendon,” said Dr. Chatchai. The doctor suggested that now there are advanced technologies offering alternative treatments. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is frequently used in physiotherapy, orthopaedics and sports medicine in assisting chronic muscular and tendon disorders, back and cervical pain. High intensity laser is also another available treatment for pain relief, offering deep tissue penetration. “Both shockwave therapy and high intensity lasers can be bundled with magnetic stimulations, the latest advanced medical technology for pain management,” said Dr. Chatchai, explaining that this technology now offers magnetic stimulation with high electromagnetic intensity. “The recovery of the cell can be identified as early as eight weeks into the treatment. With a selection of medical technology and stimulation at the right spot along with modern physical therapy, pain can be managed without depending on drugs or surgery,” said Dr. Chatchai.

Shockwave therapy, high intensity laser and magnetic stimulation are available at Absolute Health which is fully equipped with both medical staff and cutting edge technology that will help effectively remedy patients’ pain.

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