Nimman Café

 |  April 1, 2019

Nimmanhaemin gets its fair share of complaints, what with the traffic, the parking and all, but it is still the best area to go to in the city to find exciting new businesses since they are popping up all the time, making this an area of constant discovery.


It started off as a teeny tiny wee shoplet selling smoothies and cookies, so small you could barely turn around in it. Through popular demand, they then put a few seats outside on the terrace overlooking the little soi that cuts between sois 3 and 5 Nimmanhaemin, where they began serving breakfast. Demand has been so overwhelming they have recently expanded into two shop house units, adding outdoor tables which are busy all day long with tourists, expats and grateful Nimman residents. Serving coffee, all sorts of delicious juices and smoothies, one of the best monster cookies in town along with tarts, pies and brownies, their breakfasts, however, are the big draw these days. Everything is fresh and of excellent quality, from the eggs to the lovely breakfast sausages and bacon. They also have healthy and veggie options and this is a great place to go to start the day, watching the tourists and hipsters wander up and down the street while digging into a big breakfast and a hot brew.

14/2 Nimmanhaemin Soi 3-5
Open 10am – 8pm
Tel. 081 531 7717
Facebook: manifreshto

Suzu Café

This tiny little café with only a few seats is where a Japanese pottery artist from Okinawa showcases his work. His pottery is used to feature his homemade simple treats such as matcha shave ice. Apart from it all being terribly photogenic, the delectable little servings are something to write home about. The matcha shaved ice offers up a deep taste of matcha with only a pinch of sweetness while the red beans on top givesQ a soft nutty texture creating a fun, refreshing sensation that will have you smiling for the rest of the day. Another matcha twist highly recommended is the matcha affogato, a scoop of ice cream vanilla drowning in matcha latte, using imported tea from Japan. For those who are not great lovers of matcha, they also have several other choices such as the ever so pretty sounding sakura latte and an assortment of refreshing sodas. If you never developed a sweet tooth, then never fear, there are some savoury choices such as the Japanese omurice.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 15
Open 10am – 6pm
Tel. 063 709 0475
Facebook: suzudrinks

Thongma Studio and Café at One Nimman

This new studio and café, a branch of nationally acclaimed artist Chamnian Thongma’s successful Thongma Studio in Mae Rim, has branched out — or in, depending on your perspective — to the city. The vintage vibe is still dense in the air with Thongma’s artworks stylishly highlighted alongside antique décor. Its charismatic style adds flavour to the studio’s already tasty cuisine. The menu is varied and ranges from Thai to Western. The signature pineapple fried rice is a classic we never tire of; the golden fried rice served in a half pineapple with cashew nuts giving a sweet nutty texture contrasting with the sweet and sour of pineapple slices, all topped with good-sized shrimps. There are also classics like pad thai, yellow curry and spaghetti dishes to enjoy. A trendy new spot in an area filled with trendy new spots.

At One Nimman, Nimanhaemin Soi 1
Open 10am – 10pm
Tel. 094 639 2854
Facebook: thongmastudioonenimman