New in Town

 |  October 2, 2017

We don’t really have a theme this month; we just wanted to share some of the new finds we made last month and make sure you hear about them too!

De’ Richy Restaurant

Set inside the grounds of The New Concept Perfect Residence, this fine dining restaurant takes its inspiration from classic hotel fine dining; from its big breakfasts, its fitness areas and meeting rooms through to dinner. So you feel as though you are in a posh hotel…but you are actually in your own condo. The restaurant serves a generous buffet breakfast and international and Thai favourites a la carte throughout the day. Each weekday sees a new set menu that is priced at just 299 baht for four courses…and that includes a glass of wine! Their menu is always changing and evolving, with the shrimp in tamarind sauce as this month’s signature dish along with a sweet inspired by Royal Thai cuisine — a dish of green bananas steeped in palm sugar and served with a dash of coconut milk.

Open 6am – 9pm
The New Concept Perfect Residence, Soi Pa Tan 6, Hang Dong
099 270 0352

Antani Edamame Milk

This natural bean ‘milk’ is the new darling of the health conscious. Packed with protein and calcium, edamame is grown and produced right here in Thailand. It can be stored up for two weeks thanks to being pasteurised, and is a fabulous substitute for those with lactose intolerance, or any other allergies to dairy products, or just as an alternative to soy milk. Some even claim it is good with weight loss. It can be brought at Rimping, Tops, and at the weekend markets at JingJai Market.

Agents: Homemade Market, Nana Jungle,
Wednesday Market at Kad Farang Village
and Weekend Markets at the Maejo 2477 market.
Facebook: Anatani Edamame Milk
089 755 4514

Simply Cup

Coffee and organic lovers will enjoy this venue set in a luscious green lawn with towering trees. The caf? is simply decorated, and serves up a good selection of drinks and bakery products, perfect for those of you desiring to escape from town and be surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. They also serve up raw food options and cold-pressed juices for those wanting to keep extra healthy. We recommend the coconut espresso, creamed with fresh coconut milk rather than regular milk. If you have a sweeter tooth, why not try the Crush! Crush! Chocolate Crunchy (like its name, a real mouthful) — a sugary, chocolaty treat covered with sweet beans, granola and strawberries.

Open 9am – 6pm (Closed Wednesdays)
Club House Himma Condo 222/12 Soi 6, Chotana Road
097 424 4699
Facebook: simplycupcoffeeshop

Kunna Snack

Already found in Siam Paragon in Bangkok’s Gourmet Supermarket, their soft-dried fruit is growing in popularity among visitors and locals alike. Their best-selling product is the golden soft-dried mango, which uses only high grade mangoes and is packed with a sweet but mellow flavour. They also have gift boxes and hampers that are often re-designed to fit with upcoming festivals such as loy kratong, Christmas and New Year. Just ask at the store and they’ll fix something up for you there and then, with a wide range of dried fruit, cookies and other snacks to choose from.

Open 11am – 10pm
Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Floor B
Facebook: kunnasnack
02 292 1188

Rosy Cheeks Chiang Mai

Rosy Cheeks is a cute little Asian fusion restaurant tucked in behind Chiang Mai University. For those who what to eat healthy, but dislike a plate full of plain vegetables, look no further. Fusion plays a key role in their menu, with a lot of dishes inspired by Japanese and other modern-Asian cuisines. Their signature is the Japanese quinoa bowl, served with a side of fried rice with sesame dressing and topped with wakame, Japanese cucumber, avocado and a boiled egg. We also recommend the freshly stuffed wakame rolls, packed with spicy avocado and topped with peanut sauce. In addition to savoury dishes great for a lunch or light dinner, they also serve up healthy smoothies. Over the month of October, order a tortilla pesto pizza with a fruit smoothie for only 135 baht. Their open kitchen means that nothing is hidden, and the cleanliness is top notch as is their food.

Open 11.30am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm (Closed Sundays)
Soi 3 Ban Ling Ha, Suthep
Facebook: Rosycheekschiangmai
094 842 0197

Eat Me Eat Clean

Eat Me Eat Clean is the newest addition to the Meechok Plaza, serving up clean food packed with flavour, goodness and much more. From the owner Tarn’s garden comes fresh hydroponic salad every day which is then partnered with a range of simple clean food options for you to choose from. Served both in a box to take home or on a plate to eat in store, try a range of tastes from stir fried vegetables or mushrooms, roasted chicken breast with a variety of flavours such as garlic, lemon and chilli, or freshly poached fish served with a tasty Thai dip. Each week there are new menu options to choose from too so you’ll never get bored. In addition to set meals, they also have fresh salads, sides and sandwiches that are filled with homemade salad cream that is both low in salt and in fat. Their signature, the roast chicken with herbs, has a little bite to it so why not wash it down with a fresh juice or freshly made stevia sweetened iced tea.

Open 9am – 8pm
208 Moo 6, Meechok Plaza, opposite Rimping
Facebook: Eat Me Eat Clean
083 200 7994