More than Coffee

 |  January 1, 2018

If you are into witches and potions or just nature and beauty, each of these coffee shops combine something special that offers you just a little bit more than a simple cuppa.

Artistic Lab Café & Beauty

Our coffee culture is the life blood of many a Chiang Mai local. It’s more than just a drink but a science now, and with more and more coffee shops opening up, they have to keep ahead of the game. At Artistic Lab Café & Beauty you can really get behind the brew and learn about mixing and matching flavours, temperatures, styles and even pouring techniques. If you prefer to sit back and let the experts take control, that’s fine too. The shop also sells beauty products on the side if you wish to browse while sipping on a classic ice-cream affogato, a refreshing Italian soda or the lab’s top hits; Miss Lanna, a sweet and pink aromatic drink made from tea and herbs or the Fairy Dust Cold Brew Coffee, a medium roasted coffee cold brewed offering hints of vanilla.

Open 9am – 6pm (Closed Wednesdays)
The Kannas Serviced Apartment & Mini Mall, 308 Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway
Facebook: ArtisticLab.official
053 218 097

Wawee Bistro by Mama’s Kitchen

Wawee Café, a Chiang Mai brand, has proven itself to be a formidable and beloved coffee brand around Thailand. Recently, they have been making great strides towards entering the food market with their collaboration with Chef Andrew Commins at the Wawee Bistro in the heart of the city. Wawee is about to launch yet another initiative with an exciting local chef, this time serving Middle Eastern and South Indian cuisine in its Ruam Choke Wawee Bistro. Nuntassarin ‘Neena’ Saisamut of Mama’s Kitchen, a Citylife Garden Fair favourite, will be crafting a menu of regional favourites, drawing on her 20 years’ experience of cooking in Pakistan as well as Had Yai. Check out the Punjabi, a dish of grilled lamb chops with Middle Eastern seasonings or for something a bit more familiar, a classic hummus and falafel. As a Muslim woman, Neena guarantees that her restaurant meets Halal standards.

Open 8.30am – 5.30pm
Wawee Headquarters, behind Ruam Choke Tesco Lotus
Facebook: waweecoffeethailand
053 014 111 / 095 446 9119

Cervidae Café

Although featured online already in our list of year-round Halloween locations, we thought it fitting to add to this list of coffee shops with a twist. Themed as a witches den with potions, cobwebs and old books scattered across its tables and walls, this café offers much more than just a simple espresso. Relax into a high backed chair as you tuck into some muggle waffles with fruits and ice cream before washing it down with their take on the famous butter beer of Diagon Alley. In addition to their creepy concoctions, they do serve the standard caffeine filled drinks, both hot and cold, along with a nice selection of teas and snacks too. We especially like the green affagato, which looks like it bubbled straight out of a witch’s caldron; bright green from the rich, strong hot green tea poured over ice cream.

Open 10am – 8pm
43/4 Canal Road, Suthep
Facebook: CervidaeCafe
089 555 4736