More Glorious Food

 |  February 1, 2019

Every month we sacrifice our waist-lines to explore new restaurants and eateries, selflessly gorging ourselves on your behalf…you’re welcome!

Ked Teahouse and Bistro

Founded by an owner who has a deep affection for Chinese teas after having lived in China for over 10 years, this teahouse serves not just premium grade tea but also respects the tea culture, which adds an interesting dimension. Staff are properly trained by professional teachers so that they can conduct tea ceremonies, and all equipment is carefully selected and imported from China. Red pu’er tea, the signature tea, is rich in flavour due to its age and the sophisticated fermenting process, and is a must if you are a tea lover. For a little more of an aromatic sensation, the rose tea might be the one for you, or if you are seeking something with a fruity taste, the Chinese dried fruit tea is also an option. Here, you can enjoy a private tearoom with personal staff who will be pouring you ceremonial tea glass by glass, a perfect ambience for a private meeting. You can also enjoy a full meal with a variety of Thai-Chinese dishes on the menu.

At DK Park, Mahidol Road, T. Chang Klan
Tel. 062 358 0088
Facebook: Ked Teahouse and Bistro

Night Bazaar Khantoke

Kantokes are here to stay, being a favourite amongst our many visitors. And here is a spanking new venue. The sets include all the popular local delicacies we associate with kantoke dinners such as sai-ua sausage, khao soy chicken noodle, massaman curry, nam prik nom chilli paste and som tam served with sticky rice. There are also vegetarian and halal options available. All dishes are prepared by ingredients from carefully selected source including Doi Kham. While indulging yourself with food you can enjoy performances, not only Lanna dance but also a magic show and if you linger a little longer at the end of the night there is a cabaret show to enjoy for free. The magic show is performed by a group who has been on the Thailand’s Got Talent stage. The venue is also available for hire during the day. Khantoke dinners are priced at 545 baht per person with unlimited refills. Performances start at 7pm and 9pm, free cabaret show at 11pm.

Pavilion Night Bazaar, Chang Klan Road
Open 6pm – midnight (closed Sundays)
Tel. 088 267 4375, 088 267 40075
Facebook: Night Bazaar Khantoke Chiang Mai

Cha Cha Mabuhay Filipino Cuisine

Chiang Mai hasn’t had a Filipino restaurant for many years, so if you have a yearning for some exotic MSG-free homemade Filipino food, head on over. The Filipino chef will serve you a traditional recommended menu which of course includes the classic dish, adobo at family friendly prices. There is a special dish — relyeno — of milk fish which is taken off the bone, mixing the fish meat with various ingredients before stuffing it all back into the fish again. Most of the ingredients are imported from the Philippines for added authenticity. Vegans will find plenty of options with Royal Project produce. You can also make a night of it, grab a mic and get singing with their karaoke machine, while enjoying your meal with Filipino beers, making it a quality moment with family and friends.

Next to PTT gas station, Mahidol Road.
Open 11am – 8pm (closed Mondays)
Tel. 084 617 4246, 089 371 0808
Facebook: chachamabuhay
Ig: Chacha_mabuhay