Monoceros Resort

 |  September 1, 2018

Impressed by the greenery of lush trees in Chiang Mai over a decade ago, Paul Eenhoorn and his partner decided to create their dream on the land at the foothills of Mae Rim. When the resort was built, they put all their effort into ensuring that no single tree was cut down. The resort is inspired by a unique village in Phare and within their spacious area filled with plants and trees, ten bungalows display the architectural heritage of that village where there are colonial teak trader houses. The restaurant serves up a variety of cuisines, Western, Chinese and Thai — especially Isaan — which is created and prepared by their home recipe using hand-picked herbs and vegetables from the resort’s gardens.

The open air terrace offers a relaxing and vibrant setting with humming of birds and the colourful sight of butterflies to enhance the scene. While guests can lay back and soak in the gentle sun rays through the leaves by the salt water swimming pool, the resort also offers a customised trip, based on guest’s personal interests, to the local area nearby, exposing them to nature and local communities with activities including waterfalls, elephant camps, ziplines, botanical gardens, art galleries and city markets. For those who are looking for a retreat from the buzz and fuss of daily life, Monoceros Resort could be what you are looking for.

21/2 Moo.6 T. Mae Ram, A. Mae Rim
Kitchen open daily 7am- 9pm
Tel. 088 251 3962