Like a Great Pizza Pie

 |  February 1, 2019

There are endless debates online about the best pizzas in Chiang Mai and frankly we think it’s a matter of taste and preference. Here are three more to add to the growing list.

Monday Sick Leave

Up on the rooftop of a four storey-building on Chang Klan, thin crispy pizza is served hot from a wood-fired oven. There is a quirky garage party vibe as drinks are served in the plastic red cups you see in all the Hollywood teen movies, ready to be filled with cool local craft beers. Before your pizza arrives you can enjoy a light refreshing caprese salad or a giant bowl of Caesar salad to share with friends and get a conversation going. If you like BBQ, you can order a set which comes in four or six skewers with optional meat to choose. For a little more spicy taste you might want to try the Sichuan pepper BBQ. If you are not quite full just yet, try the baked grill pork spare ribs BBQ and there are also pasta menu to enjoy. Cheap and very cheerful.

Srijundon Road, T. Chang Klan
Open 5.30 – 11.30pm (closed Mondays)
Tel. 093 165 1782
Facebook: mdslrooftopcm

La Pizza

Sitting at La Pizza, in the One Nimman piazza, you can be forgiven for having a moment’s déjà vu thinking you were back in Florence on a hot summer’s evening…until you see all the Thai and Chinese faces around you! This great new eatery, run by two lovely Florentine mates, serves up Italian style pizzas – square! – with an assortment of toppings on its crispy thin dough. There are also pasta dishes, cold cut and cheese platters, as well as other mains. We were lucky enough to have stopped by on a day they had a fresh haul of langoustine and indulged in a delicious platter overflowing with flavour. House wines start at under 1,000 baht and goes up in price to match your tastes and pockets. This is a great spot to meet friends for a jovial and social night out, watching the goings on in the bustling One Nimman piazza and indulging in some of the best of Italy.

At One Nimman, T. Suthep
Open 11.30 – 11pm (food starts serving at 12pm)
Tel. 066 074 5771
Facebook: lapizzachiangmai

Lapin Café

For many years Lapin was a closely guarded secret, touted as a favourite by many local residents. It has recently moved to a more visible new location and since then has become even more popular. This cosy Italian is known for its classic Italian, international and fusion dishes in a casual ambiance. The signature dish, the Pizza Lapin is a half-half combo of carbonara and pepperoni, ham and bacon. There are many classic fusions such as pasta with sai-ua northern Thai sausage as well as straight up classics including their great breakfast menu. Vegetarians won’t miss out with the grilled vegetable salad and pizza primavera, both of which you can ask for ingredients to be added or removed to taste. This is great comfort food, so if you can’t be bothered to leave your couch, you can order home delivery with Meals on Wheels or Grab.

8/43,8/44 T. Chang Puak (closed Wednesdays)
Open 10:00 am. – 10:00 pm.
Tel. 098-7509815, 080-8569869
Facebook: lapincafe
Grab delivery: lapincafe
Instagram: lapincafecnx