Kolour Bangkok: A New Sunn is Rising

 |  October 1, 2015

Once again I’d like to venture down to the kingdom’s capital and highlight a group of promoters who are not only leaving their mark on Bangkok’s nightlife but also making waves throughout Asia and the world. In a city of so many bars and nightclubs, promoters scratch and claw their way to gaining notoriety in the city and making a name for themselves. RCA alone is home to seemingly countless clubs, not to mention Thonglor or Sukhumvit, and all of them are fighting for more business in a city, that despite the “nationwide” curfew of midnight, that loves to party.

MUSIC BOXThree years ago, Kolour was a relatively small production group getting started in Bangkok by throwing rooftop parties during the day. The idea quickly took off and became one of Bangkok’s hippest party sensations. Never compromising on music, the Kolour team assembles a variety of foreign and Thai DJs with international standards of music and production. Soon enough they were getting international artists to come take part in their noon-to-midnight rooftop parties over looking the city of Bangkok.

Since the rooftop parties where going so well, Kolour has also switched their formula a few times with great success. Kolour Nights was held about a year ago and was designed to be a nightlife experience Bangkok had never seen. Held at W Hotel Bangkok the 700 patron crowd danced the night away in an environment that would be more at home in Europe than Southeast Asia. This past summer Kolour threw Kolour in the Park, a 1000+ person open-air event featuring Thai and international electronic DJs. The open air was held at Thai Wake Park, a wakeboarding park that was turned into a small festival, and featured artist like Coran, a founding member of Kolour itself, Sunju Hargun, Bangkok based DJ/producer, Nakadia, Thailand’s biggest electronic artist, and Sven V?th, the godfather of techno music.

With Kolour seeing so much success with Kolour in the Park I was curious as to what they would do next. How could they top that? Well, in recent months Kolour launched a new event called Sunn and it is raising the bar for nightlife events in Bangkok. Sunn features Three music areas with a terrace, disco room, and main club room which can hold up to 800 people, Bangkok’s best food trucks like Daniel Thaiger’s burgers, and Sunn has also launched Sunn beer, a craft beer brewed exclusively for the party. Bringing the best local DJs and top international acts, Sunn is changing the way Bangkok does nightlife for the better. In a city, and arguably a country, where clubs play a playlist of EDM songs from two years ago, it is incredibly refreshing to see people stepping outside of the box to offer a new party experience. People in Bangkok are catching on and I truly believe Chiang Mai can come around as well.