Knight Visions

 |  September 1, 2016

As we all have surely witnessed, Chiang Mai is home to some very talented people. Be it art, music, fashion, or food, Chiang Mai owes its diverse culture to a number of different influences. Chaing Mai is a crossroads of sorts, where people from all over the world meet and intermingle with the local scene and it’s because of this that there is an opportunity for some wonderful collaborations.


Knight Visions is a group of talented musicians, producers, and MCs who live here in Chiang Mai. For the past few months I’ve seen them grow and develop their sound during the course of producing a new album along with music videos. Ground zero for this project is Creative Kingdom, a studio east of Chiang Mai that does everything from music recording and production to video games, graphic design and sound design. It is here where their sound was honed. As they explained to me, their goals are to bring international flavor to the city. The group consists of a range of nationalities like American, British, Thai, and Belgian. The formation of the group and the development of the sound has been a very natural and organic progression. I truly believe this shows in the quality of their production. Self-described as urban fusion with international influences the range of sounds covers everything from hip hop to rock.

The future holds many things in store for Knight Visions. After months of hard work they are finishing up their first EP along with three music videos to be released in tandem with the album. Just last month they headlined the Jai Thep festival which was held at the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai. Gathering local talent as well as international musicians and DJs. Knight Visions performed their songs with a live band, not just a DJ playing backing tracks. This level of skill and production value is lost far too often in modern urban music. But the addition of the live band provided an energy that you can’t deny. They have also caught the ears of promoters all over the country and are currently planning a tour that will take them to Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, pushing their sounds out all over the country. But their sights are set on the world, not just Thailand. After gathering a following here within the Kingdom, they plan on pushing their sound to the world through social media outlets as well as industry contacts abroad.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the more unique groups to have developed and formed right here in Chiang Mai. Local and international influences along with their 21st century sound is once again proving that Chiang Mai may be small but it has the potential to bring musicians and artist together to push the boundaries of music in new ways.

Find them on Facebook at: Knight Visions