Keeping a Step Ahead of Cancer with Absolute Health

 |  September 1, 2017

Cancer is something that worries us all. At Absolute Health, they understand the dangers of cancer and, importantly, how best to prevent it. People across the world suffer from this terrible affliction but for those of us lucky enough not to have it, the fight to keep it away is real and should be something we are constantly aware of.

Cancer is among the top most life-threatening diseases across the globe. In reality, cancer is a collection of diseases and causes but simply put, cancer is basically some of the body’s cells being stimulated to divide without stopping, infecting other surrounding tissue and eventually making it around the whole body via the lymphatic and circulatory systems. When cancer cells appear, the orderly process of cell division, growth and death is disrupted. As a cell becomes more abnormal or older damaged cells stay alive when they should have died, these growths are often referred to as tumours. As these tumours grow they can infect other parts of the body or break away and move to more distant parts of the body and cause a tumour to develop there instead. Most cancers form solid tumours but cancers of the white blood cell, such as leukaemia, do not.

Absolute Health advises everyone to be aware of their body and to check for lumps regularly. Most lumps found on the body are benign, which means they are not cancerous, and do not spread. However, each lump should be taken seriously on the chance one is malignant, or cancerous. Absolute Health has doctors who can teach you how to check for lumps and also advise all their patients to conduct yearly health checks to be absolutely sure.

The advanced technology used is helping us discover cancer faster and faster, meaning that more people are saved from it developing or moving to other areas of the body. If it is caught in stage one or stage two, the survival rate has vastly increased when compared to twenty or thirty years ago. Sadly, when looking at the statistics, when cancer enters into stage three and four, the survival rate has barely improved over the years. This is why doctors emphasise the message that checking your health regularly is essential to catching cancer in its early stages.

At Absolute Health, checks of all types can be carried out and they advise everyone to do what they can to ensure they are up-to-date with their bodies’ developments and changes. At the very least, they recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding carcinogens in food and vices and looking after your immune system. Stress also can play a role in ageing your cells faster than necessary so to keep a peaceful mind is also important. For those interested in learning more or scheduling a health check-up, contact Absolute Health for more information.

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