Kantary Hills Hotel Chiang Mai

 |  June 24, 2019

You’ve just landed at Chiang Mai International Airport, maybe on a short hop from Bangkok, or maybe after a grueling flight from Europe, Australia, or the USA. The last thing you want are more delays and another hour-long journey to your hotel. Pre-book the hotel limousine, and fifteen minutes after leaving the airport you can safely be in the Kantary Hills Hotel reception area. With the refreshing sound of the fountains washing away your weariness, you are warmly greeted, and soon in the comfort of your suite. The sense of peace and welcome is accentuated by the clean design, in which the calming influence of natural wood is prominently featured.

A short stroll from the hotel takes you to the bustling Nimmanhaemin Road. There is plenty to see, including a night market and numerous bars and clubs. Getting a Tuk Tuk is quite easy. For a mere 50 to 80 Baht, travel to the ancient city centre, where centuries of history await. If we may take the liberty of recommending, among the ancient Buddhist temples, Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang are worth a visit. Should your thirst for adventure draw you to more distant attractions, like the Mae Chaem National Park, than the hotel’s Reception team will be pleased to help with organizing transportation.

Fuel your day at the Nimman Bar and Grill on the ground floor next to the fountains. This great restaurant offers a renowned buffet breakfast. In the evening relax in the hotel’s sophisticated splendor. Sit back and sip signature cocktails while enjoying the best steaks in Chiang Mai. An extensive wine list is the icing on the cake.

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