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Jin Design

Alright, alright . . . Listen up . . . We’ve got something to say . . .

Firstly, who are we? Well, we specialise in residential and commercial architectural design. But let us get one thing straight, if you are thinking about 50 storey glass clad office buildings where people have to struggle to get in the lift, or duke it out in the car park to get a space . . . well, that is not us, Jin Design. So, if you are looking for a serious, trusty, creative and innovative architect to design your house, apartment, hotel or resort, then read on . . .

Residential design combines form, function, aesthetics, right down to the nitty-gritty. It comprises all things that will at some point be under the microscope, to be evaluated, under constant scrutiny, and we pride ourselves in delivering a building where our customers’ exclamation will be a constant, “Damn, my house is perfect!”

Our sort of work is the kind where Form wrestles with Function, and both wrestle with Budget. And what we do, well, we wrestle with the Preconception that you can’t have everything . . . and we always win. In listening to our customers’ needs we create a harmony in Form, Function and Budget, and what you ask for, what you dream of, is exactly what you get…and you may be surprised to get even a whole lot more.

An example of harmony in design and function . . .

Let’s say you like to eat Thai food, you like to cook, but man, does it often smell the house out, the smell lingers . . . though, and this is the important part, that is because the kitchen or dining area has not been designed correctly, possibly the emphasis was on aesthetics, budget, but not on function. Hell, a giant ventilator or ugly oven hood won’t work, the fact is, natural ventilation has to come into play somewhere.

At Jin Design we obsess about these things, yes, we obsess about odours, about odour management, and every other detail that will make your place perfect. We are obsessive obsessors. Colours, edging, textures, finishing, we obsess about every detail, right down to the smallest component of the smallest space. And you know what? In the end, we always get it right.

Imagine this . . .

You wake up one morning, get dressed, go downstairs, open the fridge, watch TV, eat your breaky, walk out the house, head to the car, through the trees, down to the gate . . . and you leave. The point is this, we have already thought this through – obsessively – we have seen this scenario in our heads, and we will design accordingly, making sure this scene is a picture of physical and functional perfection. Look at it this way, someone sometime has to be obsessively passionate about your life.

And that’s not it . . . we are second to none in renovations . . . after all, if we were to be second then show us who’s first!

One of our clients is Forbest Properties Co., Ltd. a very well known property agent in Bangkok that often asks us to handle challenging property renovations, ranging from slightly out of condition buildings to absolute nightmare buildings seemingly, insuperably, run down. Whatever the state of your edifice, we will fix, shift, change, add-on and adorn, and, trust us, after the job – the makeover – you won’t be able to recognise your building . . . and of course, we don’t use Photoshop in real life! We invite you to see our website. You will be amazed by what you apprehend, imagine resurrecting the dead and bringing back the form of an angel . . . over the top? Have a look. And let’s talk practicality, we respect your budget and won’t stretch it taut, but instead we’ll stretch your smile.

We’ve got offices in Bangkok and Bahrain, so why Chiang Mai, you may ask? It’s because Chiang Mai people have style in spades. Whether it’s a 50 million baht house or a 1 million baht home, we know that Chiang Mai people expect some serious style and personality – as you all know, even in a restaurant, spa or bar here, design is the magic word. These lofty expectations of yours, of everybody’s, are all within our realms of possibility, and we hope to elevate them even higher, once you have chosen us as your partner. So come on, see what we can do for you . . .

Second to none, the first for many, and the last time you’ll ever have it that good again . . . well, until our second job.