Introducing Italics Italian Restaurant at Akyra Manor Hotel

 |  September 1, 2015

Be Green, Be Local, Be Organic, Be Italics…

Meet the Chef

Young and handsome, Chef Phubase ‘Base’ Chuprakong, is a new arrival to Chiang Mai, having moved here from his home island of Phuket to head the Akyra kitchens six months ago. Chef Base has amassed some serious experience under his hat. He started at the bottom, apprenticing in a hotel kitchen before moving to Melbourne to study culinary arts for three years. He briefly opened a restaurant in Australia, but, “I was too young then,” said the 32 year old executive chef. The past few years Base has cooked for royalties and celebrities in Iniala Beach House, Phang Nga as well as honing his Italian cooking skills at Centara Grand, Phuket.

“At Italics, I have worked with the team to create an innovative Italian menu, we try to source as many raw ingredients within Thailand as possible, keeping our carbon footprint low and supporting local producers, but we also import only the best of items which can’t be found here. Italian food isn’t just about pizzas and pasta, I want to showcase so much more of Italian cuisine, but I am also not shy about bringing in other influences. Some of our dishes are inspired by Thailand, others by the Mediterranean, even Peru.”

Breakfast of Champions

Already touted on TripAdvisor as Nimmanhaemin’s best breakfast, for 650++ baht you can enjoy a personal stand of cold cuts, fruits and croissants and other baked goodies set right at your table. You can also order up to two items from the ? la carte menu, so why not go for the succulent mini steak and onsen eggs or a hearty fry-up? Feel free to pick and choose from the salad bar where you can also find cereals, coffees, teas and juices.

East Meets West

This produce-driven appetiser showcases an Italian sausage from Chiang Rai, local fermented naem sausages as well as imported salami and chorizo in a dish bursting with flavours, yet perfectly balanced with the accompanying edamame beans.

Delicacies for Dessert

Seal the deal with Italics’s delectable selection of gourmet desserts such as their mama tiramisu, homemade pana cotta, and their fantastically rich banana ricotta cheese cake.

Wood Fired Pizzas

Italics’s custom-made wood-fired oven produces delicious thin-crust and crispy pizzas in the southern Italian style, arriving at the table piping hot and wafting in aromas. Chef Base promises that everything is homemade for each order and guarantees the freshest of the fresh. His absolute favourite pizza is the four cheese pizza using only Thai-made cheeses – blue cheese, goat’s cheese, ricotta and mozzarella.

Big Juicy Burgers

Feeling hungry? You won’t be starving after chomping on this big boy filled with mama’s flavours. Take a bite of the crispy Italian salami and buffalo mozzarella burger doused with house dressing.

The Italics

Akyra-Manor-food-glossy-paper-51Italics’s signature cocktail is so good you are going to want to make it at home:
50ml of vodka
90ml of buffalo milk
15ml of monin cinnamon syrup
Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake it all up! Strain into a glass, rim with cinnamon powder and brown sugar and…take a long smooth sip.

A World of Wine

Whether it’s paired with spicy sausage, a savoury pizza, or a sweet dessert, Italics’s impressive list of international wines will help it all go down smooth.

Soi 9 Nimmanhaemin Road
Facebook: Akyra Manor Chiang Mai
053 216219