Most Important Finishes in a Home

 |  July 20, 2016

Whether you have been keeping up with the trends of home buying, the do-it-yourself television shows regarding renovations and rehabs, or just the fact of the matter that people are always looking for a new home to come in and make their own, you have to know what is important. When it comes to housing, there are more than enough opportunities to actually purchase and secure a home, but if you want it to be your own, then you need to consider the following as the top finishes and items in a given house for both personal comfort and tangible resale value.

The world of kitchens is only becoming more and more important thanks to all of the possibilities that are offered. From general appliances and high-end features down to the need for seating and space, it doesn’t matter who or where you are. Every family can appreciate having kitchens that are fully finished and fully functional. In addition, it’s not just the layout that matters, but also the size of any given kitchen. Keep in mind that having a kitchen where everyone can prepare meals together as well as communicate and enjoy each other’s company also means a better overall quality of life for the whole family. As Spark People discusses, the benefits of an entire family eating together are tremendous and are also one of the top things that a quality kitchen and kitchen space can bring to the family in addition to just the resale value.

However, as long as you are going to buy a house, then you always have to verify you aren’t overpaying. When it comes to purchasing a home with a tremendous kitchen, you can absolutely get your money back and more, just because of the emphasis that is placed upon having big kitchens within the home to work, cook, and experience being a family together. There aren’t significant financial worries with kitchens when it comes to how much value they will add.

When it comes to the lighting of a home, it can literally make or break the entire look and flow. This doesn’t just need to be limited to the windows and exterior lighting so you can have a house that is much more open, but it is also a feature that anyone would want to have when it comes to actually being able to live in their home. Natural light is not just good for your eyes and doesn’t just help to keep a house looking new, but it is also important for the general warmth of the home.

Throw in the fact that you can also add your own lighting in the interior in order to better showcase certain areas, have the necessary light for any activities that you do, and even just have the convenience when you are moving through or around the house, and you can see why a high-end and high-quality home has lighting issues figured out. When you are going to search for the best house for sale Malaysia can offer with PropertyGuru Malaysia, you need to pay attention to the little things, such as how much you can actually see inside of the home. Lighting is very important, and while some can be changed, you don’t want to have to reconfigure the whole house, including the electricity and windows.

According to the San Francisco Gate, having a new bathroom in a home can add a tremendous amount of value. Some indications say that a brand new full bathroom can add as much as 20 percent of the value of the home back just because of the bathroom. While there are obviously other factors and other amenities that go into calculating the value of a house, having additional spaces of privacy where you can go for hygienic purposes is never a bad thing. In fact, it would be better to have too many than to have too few.

Obviously there are some additional reasons why a bathroom would be important, and that can be anything from the amount of people living in the home and the expectations of a family, to even having an additional space for guests and company to use without barging into your personal life.

When you are looking for your next home, you have to be sure you find the place that makes sense for your specific needs. Things like general location, neighborhood, size, and more will all come into the equation for what you will need to consider and what will help you select a final house. However, when you think about the things that will add the most value (or can cost the most to correct after you have already moved in), then these items should definitely be some of the top ones listed on your checklist.