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 |  July 1, 2011

20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

For our 20th issue, we are going to be a bit self indulgent! Let’s see what pressies our friends here in Chiang Mai would give us…We are not asking for presents, (honest!), simply soliciting fantasies!

1. Sirijiwan Curtain
Sweeta Srisakulchawla (Marketing Manager of Sirijiwan Curtain)

Acrylic Painting from Suriyanchandra, Nimmanhaemin Soi 1
053 212 777 or www.suriyanchandra.com

The reason I picked Suriyanchandra because it’s similar to Citylife. It’s like a blooming flower that makes you feel fresh, relaxed and unique.

2. dusitD2 chiang mai
Danaya Sarikbutr (Public Relations Whiz of dusitD2 chiang mai)

Arm Chair limited edition for D2 from Planet 2001 (www.planet2001design.com)

I’ve chosen the Arm Chair Limited Edition from D2 of Planet 2001 to give to Citylife as a gift. These types of arm chairs are used at the MixBar of the Dusit D2 Hotel. The highlights of this armchair are that it’s made from natural rattan and it’s a perfect mixture of modern design and a natural material that catches people’s eyes.

You will never get bored of it, the same as you won’t get bored with Citylife, which is still a high quality magazine and still updates the modern things that happen in town all year long.

3. Warm Up Caf?
Siraphat Suriyasak (Managing Director of Warm Up Caf?)

Billiards & Pool Table Queen Available Size: 8ft from 9ballshop
Contact Ton 081 884 4345 or www.9ballshop.com

I would like to give a Billiards & Pool Table as a gift for Citylife’s 20th anniversary. When you have to work hard to be creative and create new products, then this activity helps to build up relationships that make the company stronger. To use the Billiards & Pool Table is a process to develop ideas that will have many benefits in the future.

4. Studio Naenna
Lamona Chesman (Owner of Studio Naenna)

Red scarf from Studio Naenna, Nimmanhaemin Soi 1
053 895 136

When I think of Citylife, I think of the words bright, fun and diverse. These are represented in the gift I have chosen. The colour is not only bright, the red in the Citylife logo made me see this throw as the perfect colour.

I had a lot of fun creating this (new range of products for Studio Naenna) using the traditional techniques of weaving with a modern concept of design. Diversity is the key, this textile can be hung up or draped on the sofa, it will bring warmth to any interior. Enjoy…To the next 20 years of Citylife.

5. Le Crystal Restaurant
Ajava-Riddhi Diskul (Co-Managing Partner of Le Crystal Restaurant)

The Candle Stand from Wine Gallery Chiang Mai
053 252 234

I chose this piece, the Candle Stand, partly due to its look but also its function as a source of light. This is a very unique piece of functional art, being as old as it is; it represents something that gains value and character as it ages and still able to brightens up the surrounding area. The same can be said about Citylife, using experience and knowledge gained in the past 20 years to arrive at the current form and still provide valuable insights into the events happening in Chiang Mai.

6. The Good View
Tanit Choumsaeng (Lanna Architect’s Society Chairman and Executive Director of The Good View)

Armchair Re-product from 50s style from Hawaii fve-o, Bangkok
02 711 6415.

For the 20th anniversary of Citylife I would like to give a reproduction of a 50s style armchair (from Hawaiil Five-O, Bangkok) as a gift to be used by the staff for relaxing during work time and coffee breaks.