|  November 30, 2017

Häfele is an international company providing hardware and fittings for kitchens, homes, bathrooms and offices. With stores across the globe, they have grown over the last century to join the ranks of the world’s premium brands, known for the high quality and exacting standards of each and every product they offer. Starting in Germany in 1923, the founders saw an opportunity during the post Great War years to provide durable and affordable fittings and homeware products to their local area. Following the Second World War and the economic boom that followed peace, Häfele grew exponentially, expanding to the wider domestic market. The rest is history, as they take pride of place among some of the most well-known names across the globe.

In Thailand, Häfele has long had a strong presence, though less so in the northern region. However, a few years ago the first showroom and warehouse opened up in Chiang Mai and from then on Häfele products were able to infiltrate the northern market too — popular with both corporate customers and individuals building or redeveloping their homes.

The very modern and functional Design Studio in Chiang Mai presents the newest product innovations and solutions from Germany. Their worksides are thicker than industry standards and are all made of Quartz, one of the hardest materials used in the industry, a material that is also non-pourous, stain and scratch resistant and extremely hygienic. Their cupboards open in a range of ways depending on the customer’s needs, with options of electric doors, folding shutters and space saving options such as cupboard draws, tall tired cupboards and much more. The Häfele showroom in Chiang Mai also stocks a range of high end barbeques, imported by BBQ Thai. Being the only official representative in northern Thailand, this is the place to go for the best, genuine barbeques.

Open 9am – 6pm (closed 4pm on Saturdays. Closed Sundays)
498 Chang Mai – Lampang Road
(Superhighway, opposite side to the Norden Restaurant)
Facebook: HafeleThailand
053 240 300 / 063 205 9522