Grilled, Steamed, Delivered I’m Yours

 |  November 1, 2016

Grilling meats on the side of the road with an ice cold beer, tucking into freshly steamed crab or cheese baked lobsters with a glass of wine or blanching the meats of your choice over a shared hotpot – take your pick and turn your dinner into something exciting!


Funky Grill
This Funky Grill serves up a large menu of Chinese Mala spiced grilled meats and veg, such as bacon, lamb, chicken, beans, corn and mushrooms, all covered in Chinese spices. The word Mala is a combination of two Chinese words, Ma which means numbing and La which means spicy. The imported Szechuan peppercorns numb your mouth while the Chinese dried chilies set it on fire, leaving you with a tingle sensation that pairs perfectly with an ice cold beer or shot of soju. Although great as a late night snack, Funky Grill is open from 6pm, and often full of people soon after. You can order before you arrive or book a table via Line or phone to save the wait which can sometimes be quite long – it’s just that popular!

Open 6pm – 2am
199/7-8 Huay Kaew Road, At the front of the Funky Bike Rental Shop
Facebook: Funky Grill Chiangmai
LINE: @funkygrill
090 320 0888


Crab Inc.
Got crabs? Crab Inc. does! If you are fan of crabs, you can come get some delicious crustaceans, as well as a selection of choice premium seafood dishes, at Crab Inc. This trendy bistro which could easily fit into the heart of any capital city in the world, is small (make sure you make reservations) and has a limited menu. But every dish we tried was en point. Fresh fin de Claire oysters, tender prawns with that subtle crunch, lobster thermador and the house specialty of lots and lots of lovely crabs. The wine list is limited but well curated and priced just right, there are local and imported beers and either rice or chips to go with your seafood feast. Generous portions, super fresh, perfectly cooked, great ambiance. We’re fans.

Open 5pm – 11pm
1/117 Malada Home & Resort, Canal Road
080 840 6661
Facebook: crabinc


Welcome in winter with a warm pot of bubbling soup ready for your meat, veg and seafood that you can blanch, boil and melt away at this premium grade shabu buffet. A cut above the rest, ShaZube charges 590 baht for a buffet that includes freshly made sushi, soft drinks and hot or cold tea. Take your pick from the three soup options – clear for a fragrant mellow taste, black which is perfect for beef fans or egg poachers and Miso for the classic Japanese taste. There is sashimi too, along with other morsels of grilled beef sushi and salmon Mentaiko sushi. Add another 190 baht to the bill to get access to the extra premium menu with many more meats, cheese or onion dips, seafood such as fresh scallops, New Zealand mussels and crayfish, and extra drink options as well as ice creams.

Project Kadfarang Village on the 2nd floor of the Rim Ping Supermarket.
Open 11am-2.30pm and 4.30-9.30pm
Tel. 095 448 1950
Facebook: Shazube Kadfarang