Go On! Give it a Go

 |  December 1, 2018

It is important to get outside of our comfort zones once in a while, whether it is to go somewhere new or indulge in a new experience. So, here you go, what are you waiting for?

Hinoki Land

Everyone is going to Hinoki Land this season. And while saying everyone may be slightly bombastic, frankly it is a ridiculous number of people! This 88 rai mini-Japan set in the far-flung Chaiprakarn District two and a half hours north from the city by the border of Myanmar is frankly surreal. Its owner had been collecting fragrant Hinoki Cyprus wood for years and has built this extraordinary destination which is appealing to the ‘check-in’ crowd who drive up to wander the spacious grounds in rented kimonos, pose with cute cosplay kitty-girls, buy expensive gifts at the gift shops and take pictures with adorable mascots. The entire property is surrounded by spectacular mountains and has been built to make visitors feel as though they are wandering around in some remote old village in Japan–ish.

3/1 Moo 5, T. Pong Tum, A. Chai Prakarn
Open 8am – 6.30pm
Tel. 089 837 3373
Facebook: bannhinoki

Villa Virtuosa

Extraordinary, delightful, surprising, cheeky, naughty, silly and spectacular are just some of the words we heard from the audience as the crowd and crew joined each other in an exuberant post-performance dance. Tucked away in a private home near the Provincial Hall is a petite theatre unlike any other we have seen in Chiang Mai before. Talented amateur performers from our vibrant expat community — singers, dancers, storytellers, actors — have come together to produce limited one-of-a-kind experiences which are interactive with the crowd and just plain fun. The recent show was Pasha’s Playful Purdah which saw a cast of less than a dozen sing glorious Italian opera, dance like an Egyptian, rap about pumps like black eyed peas in a pod and grind like a dirty old Elvis. Tickets are soon to go on sale for the January shows which will be ‘Sultry Swinging Shanghai’ and we couldn’t recommend it enough. This place is more than the sum of its shows though. The owner has an extraordinary collection of costumes for rent and the space bills itself as a meeting place for lovers of arts and crafts.

Somphot Chiang Mai 700 Pi Road, T. Chang Phueak
Always open
Tel. 083 289 4945
Facebook: villavirtuosa

Chiang Dao Camping

A spacious camping area where you all can enjoy the cool breeze of Chiang Mai’s winter with the views of the iconic Doi Luang Chiang Dao not far off in the distance. Visitors will be staying in a homey white tent which feels more like a rustic hotel room than a tent. The sharing space — kitchen and restrooms — are located in a bamboo shack giving on adventurous vibe. In the evenings you can build and sit around a pit fire, sing some tunes with friends and grill some shrimps. In the day, the camp can arrange a trekking trip up Doi Luang Chiang Dao mountaintop or to nearby Doi Mae Taman. The views are guaranteed to be worth every last drop of sweat…and perhaps tears. Around February when winter is fading away, you can enjoy rafting at an extra cost. Prices for accommodation start at 950 baht for two persons.

126/2 Ban Chom Khiri, T. Mae Na, A. Chiang Dao
Tel. 062 893 6156
Facebook: chiangdaocamping