Food City Update

 |  February 1, 2017

So many restaurants, so much fun to review! Continue your Chiang Mai food odyssey with these latest offerings…


B Family Home 16
The B Family community is buzzing and alive and their little organic restaurant is turning heads. With a modern industrial design organic kitchen open for guests to catch a glimpse of what the chef is getting up to, why not order the beer battered herbal chicken wings or the crab and cream cheese spring rolls. They also have more traditional organic healthy options such as cold tofu salad, salmon boiled in a blue lagoon of anchan petals and cold udon noodles topped with mixed sashimi. The range of flavours and the unique combinations of food styles and tastes means each visit can be a new experience. In the small community there are also shops selling today’s freshest organic vegetables, spa products, a wine bar and a beer garden.

Open 7am – 10pm
5 Soi 3, Kampang Din Road, Haiya
(past Midnight Fried Chicken on the wall side further down)
Facebook: thebfamilycnx
052 087 191 / 091 854 5391

Barn Suan Muan Jai
Chiang Mai people love dining in tropical gardens during the cool winter months, and so do we. This little garden tucked away with pleasant views and cool breezes, is perfect for us nature-loving locals in search of some Thai and fusion dishes that push the boundaries. No food is kept overnight and ingredients are brought that very morning to ensure the freshest of food served to your table every time. Their favourite is the hung-le roti and the duck thigh som tam, both packing big flavours and even bigger bites of succulent meat. You can also eat indoors in a private karaoke air-conditioned room if you so desire.

Open 10am – 8pm (Closed Tuesdays)
9 Moo 3, Huai Kiang Village Soi 9, Chiang Mai – Mae Jo Road
Facebook: barnsuanmuanjai95
053 353 710 / 080 415 9195

Two Sisters Restaurant
Chiang Mai is a haven for pizza lovers, but we all have our own preferences when it comes to pizza, hence the massive threads on social forums debating the best pizza joints. So we are not going to make any claims of best or greatest, but we do recommend Two Sisters Pizza Homemade Restaurant near Kampang Din. You will be impressed at some of the pizzas created here…in spite of the fact that the owners learnt all they know about pizza from YouTube! Unique and exciting, each thin crust pizza is handmade and packed with flavour. Try the garlic mushroom or prawn squid and salsa pizzas for some strong flavours, or go for the gorgonzola, bacon and sticky balsamic pizza – delicious, salty and a not too sweet.

11am – 8pm (Closed Sundays)
21/1 Kampaeng Din Road
Facebook: twosisterspizzachiangmai
Tel. 098 218 5909

Cook With Love Bakery
If you love crepes but are looking for something a bit different, pay a visit to Cook With Love Bakery. Amaze yourself with their exciting menu of crepes of all shapes and sizes. With both sweet and savoury options why not enjoy a starter, main and dessert all in crepe form? You can even design your own crepe if you so wish — how about combining the three servings into one…if you dare! But fear not, if you can’t decide on your own, pick one from the menu, served in either Thai, Japanese or European crepe styles.

Open 10.30am – 8.30pm
Mee Chok Plaza
Facebook: Cook With Love Bakery มีโชค พลาซ่า เชียงใหม่
085 355 3966


Khao Gaeng by Krua Kru Nim
Khao gaeng, or rice and curry (along with many other toppings), is the classic central Thailand lunch favourite. With each province claiming its own unique styles and flavours, each shop is different. Even though we are up here in the north, khao gaeng still makes an appearance across the city, with this one pulling Phichit province flavours by the skilled hands of mother Nim. Their main menu consists of stewed eggs, stuffed bitter gourd soup, coconut curry dipping sauce with mackerel, catfish choo chee curry and chicken green curry. On top of that there are several egg dishes and vegetable dishes that chop and change depending on what they can get at the market that day. Their rice is soft and delicious too, unlike regular rice, this jasmine rice is the best of the best. It really makes a difference to the curry they say!

Open 6.30am – 1.30pm
Tunghotel Road, Wat Gate
(next to the Indian consulate)
088 266 7081 / 093 131 9393

The Faces
This super photogenic restaurant in the old city has been lovingly created with a lush green outdoors garden, tiled with rickety old bricks and covered by a vast canopy of trees. There are trickling fountains, burbling water features, ferns dripping from boughs and crumbling walls, and most impressively, seemingly endless Khmer faces, motifs and sculptures peering and peeking out from behind trees and bushes. There is an indoors area as well with a wall-to-ceiling glass front, so you can still enjoy the setting in air-coned comfort. The food is good with tasty basic dishes like penangs, laab, chicken pandan, pizzas, pastas and basic quality comfort food. This is a great place to go with out of town guests to get a nice feel of a lovely outdoors restaurants while enjoying a good dinner and some cold beers.

Open 1pm – 10pm
33 Soi 2 Prapokloa Road, Prahsing Sub-District (turn left before reach to Chiang Mai Gate Market, there is Kasikorn Bank lebel at front of soi, the restaurant is on right hand)
Facebook: thefaceschiangmai
089 009 6969