Fight Autoimmune Disease with Absolute Health

 |  June 1, 2018

Although the exact cause of autoimmune disease remains somewhat of a mystery, there are many things we do in our daily lives that could cause the weakening or confuse the immune system, opening the gate to this chronic illness to attack. Stress, lack of sleep, bad nutrition and toxicity in blood, are all causes that could open that gate which leads to an abnormal immune response. The most troubling thing about all of this is that you will likely never see it coming. Early stage symptoms can hide behind common symptoms such as a light fever, exhaustion, a rash, hair loss or joint aches.

“I started to feel exhausted, losing my hair. My feet were bloated and I couldn’t breathe fully. I didn’t think that these were signs of my illness and it took me several months to go get myself checked at the hospital,” said Praoprin Benjaphorntanawat, a patient at Absolute Health. “I decided to go to the hospital when I started having a really bad fever. Some defects were found so I had some extensive blood tests which revealed that I had anaemia. I was finally diagnosed with SLE, or lupus, a connective tissue inflammation, which is an autoimmune disease.

After identifying her illness, Praoprin’s condition deteriorated further. “I had to have a blood transfusion almost every day, about two bags per session. I tried to stabilise my condition but it just didn’t get better. When my disease hit critical levels, I fell into a coma. It was at that time my mother sought out an alternative solution. By that point my lungs were infected so I had to breathe through a respirator. I was balancing between life and death. Once I recovered slightly and came out of my coma, my mother encouraged me to try integrative medicine, side by side with my current treatment. As soon as I began, my body noticeably improved immediately. In no time at all, I was released from ICU and I could breathe for myself but as my body was too weak, I still couldn’t walk. The doctors at the hospital told me that it might take up to two years for me to walk normally again. During the recovery, I also continued my treatment with Absolute Health and it took only six months for me to walk again. Now I’m living my life just like anyone else and I am very happy.”

Autoimmune diseases are not only chronic, but can be fatal too. In certain cases, symptomatic treatment may not be enough, and in the world of medicine, there are many unseen threats which are disguised, slowly creeping towards us, so we should always be prepared to prevent the unexpected.

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