Fight Allergies with Absolute Health

 |  June 1, 2017

Allergies affect more than 50 million people in the US, that’s a staggering one in five people. For Thailand, that ratio is 3 – 4 times greater. Allergies are simple immune responses to allergens and foreign bodies that our own body sees as a threat to our health. White blood cells are produced with the specific task of eradicating the allergen, causing our body to display symptoms such as rashes, colds, lethargy and other ailments.

Sadly, our body sometimes misunderstands the situation, and overreacts when we come into contact with certain allergens. This can cause two immune responses; IgE and IgG.

The first, and more common response is IgE. This is where the body reacts violently and rapidly to kill off the allergen, such as what happens to people with food allergies. IgG is a delayed reaction, that can occur up to six hours after the exposure to the allergen, or because the allergen is exposed only when the body begins to break it down, such as reactions to dairy, bean and cereal based foods.

Although some allergic reactions in children are grown out of by the time they reach adulthood, roughly 30 – 50% of such allergies do stick around, sometimes disappearing only to re-emerge well into to late teenage years or early adulthood. In an evolving world, we are being exposed to more and more artificial allergens such as perfume, detergents, accessories and such like, causing our bodies to struggle more in fighting such allergens and allowing in more allergies to persist in our bodies.

If you are concerned about allergens or want a definitive answer to what allergies you may have, Absolute Health can help. They have developed a naturopathic therapy for allergy and autoimmune diseases that help neutralise the side effects of overactive immune systems. The conventional method is to expose the body to small amounts of the allergen until the disease process gradually improves and calms down. The reduction on toxic conventional medication also can help in this process.

In many cases, if the body fails to respond to such methods, then can be induced to a state of remission by using Absolute Health’s unique advanced desensitisation and immune modulation protocol.

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