Exotic Street Food

 |  September 1, 2018

Some of the best food to be found in Thailand are found street-side. But whereas street food used to be inexpensive and humble, albeit delicious, today is seeing a surge of some pretty posh roadside nosh. Check them out.

Bamboo Stick

In the heart of the Night Bazaar sits a tiny vendor serving up super-sized and super quality grilled goodies. Szechuan pepper BBQ sticks are ubiquitous around town these days. If you haven’t tried this new rage yet, then expect to have your preferred meat coated in an oddly juxtaposing spice that both burns and numbs the mouth at the same time! But at Bamboo Stick, they take the delicacy a step further, offering premium meats including top grade beef, pork and chicken, which is drawing in the crowds. If spice is not your scene, you can still enjoy this savoury snack with their special tofu and sesame sauce. All the vegetables for the side dish are selected from organic farms. With a full house most night, they have decided not to share their exact location. So, enjoy the hunt!

Ploen Ruedee Night Market in the Night Bazaar Chiang Mai, Chang Klan Road
Open 5pm-Midnight (Closed Sundays)

Khaw Kaeng Osaka

Attracted by the charm of our city, a Japanese lady from Osaka has settled here in Chiang Mai, and has decided to share her favourite recipes from her home town with us. Over 50 dishes including the better known tonkatsu pork cutlet, tempura, teriyaki chicken, sweet potato, wakame seaweed salad, as well as many more obscure but no less delicious dishes, are served in a kao kang Thai food vendor style, where food is pre-cooked and ready for instant serving. Every single dish is made daily and remains faithful to the flavours of Osaka. The curries are delicious, being cooked for up to three hours, and naturally sweetened with apple and banana extracts. And best of all, prices are wallet-friendly, starting at 35 baht.

At Kad Thanin, Chang Phueak
Open 10am – 8pm
Tel. 093 328 8774
Facebook: KhawkaengOsaka

Dashixi Chiang Mai

A former high end hotel chef has made a dramatic life-turn and choosen to open a cosy noodle place in the old city. Everything is homemade, from the noodles made from egg, making them have a chewier texture than the normal Thai noodles, to premium grade pork and vegetables. Regular noodle features such as wontons, crispy pork, grilled pork and eggs are cooked from the owner’s inventive recipe inspired by the Chinese Dashixi cuisine. The bowl is filled with goodies and topped with a juicy sauce, served with a hot soup on the side. Free wifi is also available for all customers to sit back and savour the bowl.

79/5 Arak Road, T. Phra Sinhg (Located in the old city)
Open 9.30am – 3am (closed every 1st and 16th of each month)
Tel. 081 591 5622
Facebook: ต้าซื่อสี่ บะหมี่เบตง เชียงใหม่ – Dashixi ChiangMai