Exotic Comfort Food

 |  October 1, 2019

Chefs and restaurateurs are pleasing our palates by bringing us more exotic and interesting cuisines and dining experiences, and we can’t get enough of it.

Call Me Mama

When you think about Mama in Thailand, the mind immediately goes to instant noodles; ubiquitous in every household across the nation. Cheap, simple and tasty, we Thais love our Mama.

Call Me Mama has turned our easy-going Mama on its head with its gourmet twist on the humble noodle. Astonishingly large bowls arrive steaming with deep-flavoured broth swimming with the meats of your choice; the only familiar sight being the wiggly Mama noodles.

Try the tom yum Mama with its aromatic broth infused with fresh herbs and topped with a massive lobster, mussels, squid and a soft-boiled half egg. This is Mama like our mamas never made them…though it will cost a whole lot more than a 7Eleven pack.

At Food Court, One Nimman, Nimmanhaemin Soi 1
Open 10am–10pm
Tel. 093 231 4884
Facebook: Call Me Mama

Hummus Chiang Mai

Upon swirling the warm pita into the thick and creamy hummus at Hummus Chiang Mai and taking that first bite, our taste-memory transported us to the end of a long queue at Abu Hassan in Jaffa, a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean – this must be the closest to the real thing this side of the Bay of Bengal.

Soon we were digging into a classic shakshuka, a brunch-in-a-dish with its deep flavours and light bites of spiced tomatoes infused with fresh oozy eggs. The falafel, when slathered in tahini, could have come straight off a street in Jerusalem and went perfectly with an Israeli styled mini-diced salad, all making for a very tasty and healthy meal.

Hummus is a casual diner in the city which is cheap and cheerful and if you live around Nimmanhaemin, watch out for their food cart which comes along most nights and hangs out around the mouth of soi 7. If not, just call Grab.

109/1 Moon Muang Road Soi 4
Open noon – 12pm
Tel. 099 298 5222
Facebook: hummusCM

Hei Hei Hot Pot

Following the success of its Nimmanhaemin Restaurant, which serves hotpots as well as a full range of other exotic dishes in a friendly garden setting, Hei Hei Hot Pot’s new Maya branch offers a completely different vibe and menu. Its cute-as-pie pink décor is designed to appeal to the Hello Kitty-appreciators and the bright and open planned setting aims to allow diners to see and be seen by all shoppers wandering the busy mall. Known for their authentic Hong Kong flavours and the great variety of fresh and premium ingredients, this new location focuses solely on the hot pots which stand apart for their incredibly tasty broths.

The signature má là broth is seasoned with the popular huā jiāo spice from Szechuan and is a top hit, though there is also a classic bone broth to choose from for those less heat-adventurous. There is a display case where you can go and simply grab your ingredients (most sticks of meat, seaweed or vegetables cost a cool 5 baht each) and bring it back to your table to cook yourself. A fun way to eat for couples or groups of friends, and all at very agreeable prices.

Maya Lifestyle Mall
Open noon – 1am
Tel. 088 593 9068
Facebook: Hei Hei Hot Pot