Design Ideas: Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook

 |  May 1, 2015

Torlarp “Hern” Larpjaroensook
Artist/Founder Gallery SeeScape (Alternative Art Space)

Design Idea May-01

1. Patsy Tayne
This is a piece of printmaking made by an Australian artist from C.A.P. Studio (Chiang Mai Art on Paper). I like this technique as it feels very moody and intriguing.
087 810 8860

2. Local Ceramic
I like its classic style that reflects the way of life in Thailand’s yesteryear.
Price: 10 – 80 baht
Shops for Buddhist ceremonial items, Warorot Market

3. Pas Stool
This stool is made by O-D-A brand, founded by Juthamas Buranajet and Piti Ammararong. It’s both unique and simple; a piece of art.
Price: 4,600 baht
081 712 9998

4. Ceramic Handmade by 3.2.6 Studio
This set of ceramics provide a sense of rawness. The blue lines on the white background are a pleasure to the eyes, it is simple but incredibly chic.
Price: 550-280 baht
088 499 9155

5.Second Hand Chair (Unknown Designer)
I like how this chair has been designed and adapted from local materials.
Price: 2,000 baht
Nong Hoi Second Hand Shop (Nong Hoi Intersection)