Design Ideas: Suthipa Kiattisarn

 |  June 1, 2015

Suthipa Kiattisarn (Fahsaii), 24
Owner of Swoozepop’ Store


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1. Canvas Bag with Tribal Patterns by GORB the BOB
GORB the BOB makes handmade bags designed to be easy to use. The use of beads, weaving, and embroidery make it really unique and beautiful, a key characteristic of GORB the BOB.
Price: 500 baht
Tel. 098 016 9689, 087 300 6226
Facebook: GORB-the-BOB

2. Tie Dye Bucket Hat by Swoozepop’ Store
The tie dye bucket hat, made out of denim and canvas, is a product of Swoozepop’ Store. Bucket-shaped hats are now popular so we made our own with a tie-dye indigo theme!
Price: 350 baht
Tel. 090 317 8039
Facebook: swoozepopstore

3. Bucket Backpack by Muchapann
The bucket backpack is a cute handmade product made of cloth in various styles available. I think the design is outstanding and really contemporary.
Price: 380 baht
Tel. 085 041 9405
Facebook: Muchapann

4. MONOW Chair
MONOW is a design company that designs and develops beautiful handmade furniture. They can create things following your personal requirements such as size, price and materials used _ giving you a unique piece of furniture to make wherever you place it really special.
Price: 3,450 baht (big); 1,550 baht (small)
Tel. 080 679 7263
Facebook: MONOW-Furniture-DesignDecoration

5. Concrete Plant by C-pot
This simple plant pot made from concrete is perfect for growing small plants like cacti.
Price: 80 baht and up
087 189 3581
Facebook: C-pot-เชียงใหม่-ต้นไม้กระถางปูน