Design Ideas: Renee Pun

 |  May 1, 2016

Design Ideas by Renee Pun (Renee), 28, Owner of Evolve Boxing Studio


a. CrossFit Box by Home & Decor by Narongsuk
I ordered all my furniture, and these boxes, from a teacher in Chiang Mai Technical College. They are very useful, you can use them for exercise or sitting.
Price: 500 – 1,000 baht
Tel. 081 883 8252

b. Mauy Thai Shorts by Chiang Mai Muay Thai
The material is good, you can choose colours, order logos or whatever.
Price: 1,000 baht
Tel. 086 099 6815

c. Mongkol (Muay Thai headband) by Chiang Mai Muay Thai
It’s handmade and it’s cool. They embody much history.
Price: 600 baht
Tel. 086 099 6815

d. Long Pants by Walking Street
It’s a comfortable material like jeans.
Price: 500 baht