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Design Ideas: Patcharapong Tantanasin

Patcharapong Tantanasin (Peach), 29, Owner of Chiang Mai Rice Life


a. Cabinet Tree by Keawruandee
This cabinet tree is my father’s. At first we didn’t know it was a cabinet, its looked like simple pillar but there is shelf inside, and we like it so much.

Price: 30,000 baht
Tel. 081 884 1039

b. Ewer by Baan Tawai
The ewer has a beautiful design. I love to collect for and decorate my house.

Price: 2,000 baht
Tel. 081 882 4882

c. Antique Wheelbarrow by Keawruandee
You can put ice cream and desserts in the middle of this antique wheelbarrow!

Price: 25,000 baht
Tel. 081 884 1039

d. Elephant Stump by Baan Tawai
It’s carved from a tree stump and the elephant stands out beautifuly.

Price: 7,000 baht
Tel. 081 882 4882