Design Ideas: Patcharapong Tantanasin

 |  April 1, 2016

Patcharapong Tantanasin (Peach), 29, Owner of Chiang Mai Rice Life


a. Cabinet Tree by Keawruandee
This cabinet tree is my father’s. At first we didn’t know it was a cabinet, its looked like simple pillar but there is shelf inside, and we like it so much.

Price: 30,000 baht
Tel. 081 884 1039

b. Ewer by Baan Tawai
The ewer has a beautiful design. I love to collect for and decorate my house.

Price: 2,000 baht
Tel. 081 882 4882

c. Antique Wheelbarrow by Keawruandee
You can put ice cream and desserts in the middle of this antique wheelbarrow!

Price: 25,000 baht
Tel. 081 884 1039

d. Elephant Stump by Baan Tawai
It’s carved from a tree stump and the elephant stands out beautifuly.

Price: 7,000 baht
Tel. 081 882 4882