Design Ideas: Panisara Phummapooti

 |  February 1, 2016

Panisara Phummapooti (June), 29
Owner of Roll Me Bakery at Nimman

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a. Glass Bottles and Glasses by Jina-Ha Kitchen Ware
I love the glasses and bottles at Jina-Ha too. The designs makes simple bottles or glasses look really special. I use them for both decoration and to serve tea and coffee in!

Price: 39 – 60 baht
Tel. 053 232803 / 086 4215856

b. Muffin and Cake Shelf by Yok Intertrade
Decoration is an important factor when making sure your cakes or muffins look mouth-wateringly good.

Price: 490 baht
Facebook: yokinter
Tel. 053 248248

c. Tie Dye Bag by Leela
This bag was created by my friend who graduated from the faculty of arts. You might have seen her at the Chiang Mai Sunday Market.

Price: 150 baht
Tel. 081 8817981

d. Apron by Chiang Mai Bakermart
For any self-respecting pastry chef, aprons are a must. I bought mine from the Chiang Mai Bakermart.

Price: 180 baht
Facebook: mybakermart
Tel. 053 334111

e. Wooden Cake Tray by Jina-Ha Kitchen Ware
I don’t want just a simple cake tray, but something that can really showcase my cakes well. I chose this wooden cake tray from Jina-Ha Kitchen Ware, which is uniquely beautiful and durable.

Price: 900 baht
Tel. 053 232803 / 086 4215856