Design Ideas: Nichapha Jewvaganont

 |  January 1, 2016

Nichapha Jewvaganont (Kamm), 27
PR executive of Studio Mango Co., Ltd.


a.Winter coat by Dara Villa by Mearloy
I got this chic coat from Dara Villa by Mearloy. It was designed by P’O Mearloy (The Voice 4). Coats have a variety of patterns.
IG: mearloyismaterialtoey
Line: mearloy

b. Silk bag by GUNN BAG
Bags are an important accessories for all women. Carrying a well-designed bag makes you look more professional. Bags from Gunn Bag are made of genuine silk and designed in modern style.

Price: 2,900 baht
Facebook: GUNNBAG

c. Books from Booksmith, Nimman and Build a Book Promenada
I love reading a lot. Reading opens up your vision, viewpoint, and mind. As working in PR, the more I read, the more knowledge I gain. Reading what cool writers write, sharing in their knowledge and experience, brings profit into my life.

d. Shoes by General Style (Flagship Store)
I love dressing up, but not following fashion trends. General Style can meet my lifestyle. I can choose various unique items from clothes to handmade shoes, which are suitable for all occasions from this shop.

Price: 2,590 baht
IG: General_style