Design Ideas

 |  July 31, 2013

Richard Garst

Artist and Guest Instructor (Graphic Arts and Print Making), Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University

“I like designs that have used traditional elements, but are more contemporary. I like Khun Somluk Pantiboon in Chiang Rai. I’m really impressed with his work. He does traditional Thai ceramics but he was trained in Japan so his work has a really Japanese feel to it. He makes really beautiful tea bowls and large pottery vases and is very versatile with what he does with his designs. I also like Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon’s furniture, painting and sculptures. He has quite a few chairs that he has been making out of metal, with welded grip patterns and various organic shapes. His lamps also are really unique. He just picks up parts of things from different places, pieces of junk or recycled material, but they are really unique and beautiful by the time he finishes with them.”

A. “Swing” by Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon 

        Diameter: 13 cm / H: 28 cm

B. Somluk Pantiboon’s pottery, various sizes 

         Doi Din Daeng Pottery,

C. “Shell Sea” by Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon   

        W: 65 cm / L: 60 cm / H: 90 cm

D. “Warm Globe” by Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon

         Diameter: 15 cm / H: 26 cm  

For more information on Thaiwijit Puangkasemsomboon, visit: Mood Mellow, 2/5 Nimmanhaemin Soi 3, Tel: 089-1188000