Design Idea

 |  June 26, 2013

Supamit KitjapipatManaging Director of Siripanna Villa Resort and Spa, ChiangMaiThis Thai-run resort has only been open for 2 years, but hasalready gained fame for its friendly, five-star service, with the kind ofgentle and generous style typical of the Lanna region. It has even been namedone of Trip Advisor’s top 25 hotels in Thailand.For managing director Supamit, “the details are important.”That’s why Siripanna Resort has decided to host an art exhibition and auctionin order to raise money to donate to various charity organisations.Supamit has also implemented a “project to raise socialawareness of environmental issues through art.” Over 200 different types oftrees can be found at the Siripanna, and guests can relax in the knowledge thatthey are staying at a sustainable resort.

         a. Bhavana [Meditation] by Prasong Lurmuang.
Oil on canvas, 120×90 cm. The piece is  representative of Buddhist philosophy.

b. Mother Bua Lai’s Lanterns
These lanterns have been an important part of the Lanna way oflife
for a long time, especially during the Loi Kratong lantern festival.

c. Abundance, 2009 by Ponchai Jaima.
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. The piece depicts the Lannaway of life.

d. Hand Watch
Brand Patek Philippe 5980