Design Idea

 |  November 1, 2013

Ormkwan Sanasen

Project Manager

Property and Investment

Central Group of Companies

I am a firm believer that good design should always follow function. Designs that I like are usually things that I can use in real life; they have to be practical and beautiful at the same time. The “Chateau Arm Chair” (pictured) by Sophie Roumeliotis ( for me defines what my home should be, classy with a modern twist and super comfy.

a. I love clothes by Pawana Lannaless (Jing Jai Market, 088 2665608); simple but chic.  You can wear them for work or lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They will always look great, even when creased! 

b. Scarves have always been a big part of my life, come rain or shine.  The cotton scarf from Gonfai, a little family run shop, is my newfound treasure. ( They design every single scarf by themselves, and handmake everything from spinning, dyeing, and weaving. The colours are just exquisite!

c. Suchada leather is also my new favourite ( I have my shoes custom made from there and they are so comfortable.  I love this travelling bag.  Simply classic, something that I can keep using for years and will never look out of place.

d. I love candles and I love these candles from In the Cup   ( Also a family run business, these candles are produced mainly for export. For me, beautiful candles are hard to come by. They fit in perfectly as part of any home’s are decorative objects and are delightful when lit.