Design Idea

 |  December 25, 2013

Lance Kostrobala

Interior Designer, Floral Designer, Special Event Designer

Owner, COSMOS . . . where all good things begin

25 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 3,

087 577 3118

Over the years my partner and I have surrounded ourselves with collections of lovely items – some unusual and others not so unusual. Fine crystal, rare china, paintings, photographs, gold watches, antique calligraphy brushes, glass art from Dale Chihuly and Toots Zinsky, vintage Japanese obis and wedding kimonos, and probably the most unusual, necklace leis made using the tiniest and finest perfectly matched shells gathered by hand with tweezers from the ocean shores on the island of Ni’ihau in Hawaii.

As a designer of interior spaces in which people live or work at length, my role is to share with my clients that knowledge, understanding and appreciation of all things beautiful, graceful, artful and meaningful, and thus enhance their lives with the beautiful items I discover wherever I go. Here are four resources in Chiang Mai deserving of your notice.


Owner Veerachai Tuntisak’s eye for the unique is quite keen, his knowledge of the products, excellent, and his merchandise, wide and varied. Prices range from low to very high. Where else in Chiang Mai could you find the absolutely wonderful hand-carved super-sized pavilions from India, and so many to choose from as well?

053 434 700


Vibrant, artful and colourful, the scarves begin as actual photos of everyday objects that are manipulated and transformed on the computer into Howard Weiner’s amazing vision. His finished photographs are printed onto gorgeous and feather light silk charmeuse – it’s like wearing coloured air!

Available locally at Colour Factory and Tita Gallery.

053 246 448

Tita Gallery

053 297 811


Galen Garwood is a transplanted American artist/photographer/poet/painter living and always, always, always creating in his newly completed studio in Mae Rim. His abstract art is stunning.

087 191 8075


For those times when I want to give something special to my clients, it’s absolutely necessary for me to have a beautiful box in which to package the gift. Nothing is “off the rack” and so everything is special!

0 81 783 2310, 0 81 724 4080