Delaying Joint and Bone Problems through Integrative Medicine

 |  November 1, 2017

Degenerative Joint Disease is inevitable. As we grow older, our bodies slowly stop working, and some of the first things that start to struggle are our joints and our bones. In most people, our degeneration happens faster than it should, leaving us feeling older sooner, but this should not be the case.

When thinking about join and bone problems, we think about knee problems, back pain and arthritis. We use our knees hundreds of times a day so it is not surprising that they are often the first joints to cause problems in older age. Our spine is another part of the body which is often first to show signs of ageing, and can bring bigger problems with it such as posture problems, strength and sleeping discomfort. When keeping an eye on our bodies, we must be aware of what could happen and the first warning signs that may lead to much worse symptoms if left untreated. A pain in the neck could be nothing, but it could also point towards something more serious affecting your back or your spine. Anything could happen, but being aware of these potential risks and how to combat them or prevent them entirely is knowledge we should all share.

In most people symptoms of joint pain and joint disease start to appear in your 50s, but in most it takes a further 20 to 30 years before it reaches chronic stages that often affect mobility and strength on a permanent basis. Early warning signs are easy to miss however, and are often overlooked. Walking down the stairs may cause a slight pain in the knee, sleeping funny may cause a sore back for a day or when standing for a long time you bones start to ache quicker than they did before. This may be caused by dried up synovial fluid, ligament elasticity problems or even a herniated disk. If your joints are stiff, that could be another warning sign, and can happen to anyone at any age. As soon as you start feeling any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them, because by doing so you may risk much worse symptoms in the years to come.

When symptoms like these start to show, it is best to treat them before they reach a critical stage. With integrative medicine, like the kind Absolute Health offers, is a non-invasive alternative to relieving pain and fixing the problems you may be experiencing. By targeting the root cause, it is possible to treat multiple issues simultaneously. Using cutting edge technology, Absolute Health can take a full body quantum scan that helps identify imbalances and damage inside the body. Various solutions are available to balance your unhealthy joints including chelation, the prolotherapy, the prolozone and PRP. Integrative medicine is a method of healing which treats not just the body, but looks at your lifestyle and how it can affect your health too. Treatment is designed around you by your doctor, whose therapeutic relationship with the patient includes both conventional and alternative methods in facilitating the body’s innate healing abilities.

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